Kitchen Tools

Kitchen accessories from around the world will add style, functionality and personality to any kitchen. It's easy and fun to decorate a kitchen with tools of the trade from antique wonders to modern gadgets especially if there is a type of cooking you are particularly fond of. Explore our collection of kitchen accessories that are made up of found objects, new replicas and lots of inspiring designs to help you create a masterpiece in looks and in taste. Enjoy rustic wooden trivets for displaying snacks and cheeses, tapas planks for directing guests through their courses and even pizza boards for baking the perfect pie for friends and family. With breadboards, artisan paddles and sandwich boards, you will turn your kitchen and dining space into a friendly, family-style European eatery on any night of the week. In this collection, you will also find artisan bowls, grain measures and lazy susans for displaying everything from fresh fruits to delectable farmers market finds. 
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