Garden Tiki Torches

Garden Tiki Torches Garden Torches for Outdoor Decor Garden torches are a great way to add natural lighting to your backyard, patio or back deck without wiring electrical lighting outdoors. Garden torches will also create a special ambiance when spending time outdoors entertaining or relaxing with the family. Let these attractive garden torches create a border near a fence, lead guests down a pathway or anywhere else outdoors. These garden torches are way beyond “tiki torches,” and they are much more attractive, durable and sophisticated. When not in use, simply store these torches in a garage, shed or covered area to keep them in top shape for the next season. Our garden torches will burn brightly for hours, providing a warm glow on a comfortable evening. When filled with citronella oil, these garden torches will also repel mosquitoes and insects, maximizing the time your outdoor enjoyment and the time that you can spend outside.

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