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Buying Real Olive Trees  

Looking for a real olive tree for your home or gift for a friend?  We've made it easier than ever to order a high quality live oil tree for a gift or gift for you.  Our olive trees are grown in Florida in a commercial growing facility that produces beautiful plants.  Each tree is true to size as well as space as pictured.  The nursery pot is covered with decorative burlap, bow, and care instructions.  

Olive trees are a small species of trees that thrive in the Mediterranean region.  The Olea Europaea ( botanical name ) is found in Portugal, Asia, the Americas, and warmer dry climates across the world.  

olive trees

Olive Tree Details

Olive trees are evergreen small trees and or shrub that are native to warm climates such as the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, and North America.  They are typically a small tree and mature to 25 to 30 feet.  

  • Mature Height: 20 ft.
  • Mature Width: 12 ft.
  • Sunlight: Full Sun
  • Spacing: 8-10 ft.
  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Drought Tolerance: Good
  • Harvest Time: October - November
  • Fruit Color: Black
  • Year to Bear: 0-1 years

Olive trees need to be planted in well drained dry soil and need six hours of the sun per day to flourish. Olive trees need a general fertilizer that can be found at any garden center- just ask for nursery special ( 8-8-8).  Remember that Olive trees like a bit of abuse, lack of water, and they love hot sunny conditions.  Do not plant an Olive tree in the shade.  Olive trees need general pruning to maintain the overall support of the branching system and can require staking until the tree matures.  Olive trees can become infested with scale, lace bugs or weevils but that is typically when there is little to no care.  Monitor the tree for insects and make sure to treat is necessary- see guide here


The Garden Gates sells live olive trees so if you are asking yourself, Where can I buy a real olive tree, the answer right here.