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  • 4 Reason You'll Never Need Ambien Again

    Posted on by Ashley Bel

    Our collection of luxurious throw blankets will take you into a deep sleep and you'll never need Ambien again.  You will fall in love with our silk edge ruffles, satin, and velvet fabrics with no details left unfinished.  

    Loulah Throw Blanket by Bella Notte Linens

    Loulah by Bella Notte Linens takes their sumptuous Silk Velvet to the next level. The Loulah adds a flirtatious 4-inch raw edged ruffle to the collection. This new detail gives the Loulah a dramatic drape that works nicely with many other collections. Colors in this collection are richer, adding to the luxuriousness of this Bella Notte fabric.

    Loulah Throw Blanket by Bella Notte Linens

    Bella Notte Linens Antonia Large Throw Blanket

    Bella Notte brings a new layer of interest to the already fabulous Linen Whisper fabric, the Antonia Large Throw Blanket is 100% Linen with an exquisite detailed cotton embroidery that dances across the Large Throw Blanket creating a lovely scalloped edge, on all four sides. The Antonia Large Throw Blanket pairs perfectly with all the other Bella Notte pieces but works the best with the ruffle of the Whisper Linen and Valentina. The Antonia Large Throw Blanket is ideal to toss at the foot of the bed or use in your favorite chair.

    Bella Notte Linens Antonia Large Throw Blanket

    Bella Notte Linens Sloan Throw Blanket

    This luxurious throw blanket in the Sloan collection by Bella Notte Linens is made of Satin and Silk Velvet. Its exquisite use of Satin features two strips of 3-inch Satin Ruching with Satin ties, and it is also backed in Satin for added comfort and style. Use this at the foot of a bed or draped over your favorite chair to add depth of color and texture to an inviting space. Each custom made throw blanket comes in the full range of Bella Notte’s designer colors.

    Bella Notte Linens Sloan Throw Blanket

    Bella Notte Linens Seville Embroidered Large Throw Blanket

    Linen is a timeless look for any bedroom and Bella Notte brings their signature Linen to the next level of luxury with the Seville Embroidered Throw Blanket. Lightly padded and with a delicate floral detail, the Seville Embroidered Throw Blanket is perfect for the foot of the bed or to drape over your favorite chair.

    Bella Notte Linens Seville Embroidered Large Throw Blanket

    See our full collection of luxury bedding for the home at 



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  • Introducing: Bella Notte Linens Antonia Embroidery Collection

    Posted on by Ashley Bel

    Bella Notte Linens Antonia Embroidery Collection 

    Bella Notte Linens adds vintage style and charm to their Signature Whisper Linen Collection with the introduction of Bella Notte Linens Antonia Embroidery Collection. Bella Notte Linens Antonia Embroidery Collection is a 100% Linen with an exquisitely detailed cotton embroidery finished with soft scalloped edges.  

     Antonia Pillowcases & Coverlet in Thyme, & Bed Throw in White

    Above: The Bella Notte Linens Antonia Pillowcases & Coverlet in Thyme, & Bed Throw in White

    Antonia Bed Throws in Thyme and White

     Above: The Bella Notte Linens Antonia Bed Throws Blanket in Thyme and White

    The Garden Gates team of Bella Notte Linens experts are here to help with all your bedding needs from design to delivery.  Also, don't forget to download your free 2017 Bella Notte Linens Lookbook.  

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  • Buying the right Dust Skirts

    Posted on by Chad Harris

    Garden Gates offers the different varieties, colors, designs and pattern of Dust skirts to its customers at quite economical rates. The dust skirts are designed to cover the beds and give beds a sophisticated and stylish look covering your mattress. Depending upon the material and color the Dust skirts gives a main modification in appearances of your overall room décor.

    The Dust skirts are available in all bed sizes i.e. king size, twins or queen size. The stuff may differ from linen, cotton to the wrinkle free stuff which you can select up to your taste and usage. The falls around the bed edges are made in different styles including box plated or simple. Selection of wrinkle free dust skirts will surely save our time and energy from ironing and will require minimum effort to maintain it.

    Another major plus of the material is that it’s quite substantial and resistant means even on repeatedly washing this does not shrink. So if you worry about the change in size of Dust Skirts it no more is any issue.


    Along with the bed dust skirts other accessories are also offered which includes the pillow cases. The stitching of dust skirts also matters a lot. The perfect stitching gives durability and aesthetically attracts people. The edges finishing is very neatly done and the falls designed from the bed sides are really nice. So if you are quite choosy and picky about the fabric and stitching styles we recommend you to use these Dust Skirts.

    Now you can create a glamorous, most relaxing home with this unique collection of dust skirts which will surely help you to transform your everyday experiences into something very special.  You can now enjoy plush duvet dust skirts, curtain panels, along with throw pillows and even baby bedding made from the highest quality linens to create the perfect "lived in" elegance.

    While selecting a Dust skirt the cleaning method is one of the things one should never forget, some of the stuff is machine washable others are not suitable for machine and require manual effort of hand washing. It depends upon the usage and your comfort either you can carry out hand washing or will prefer stuff with machine wash. Similarly the drying methods shouldn’t be neglected as in many areas solar drying is not preferred as it takes much longer time depending upon the sunrays and season. So select the one which suits you best.

    The Garden Gates offers you different qualities of Dust Skirts in a wide range of colors, designs and artistic features crafted all over the Dust Skirts. These are not only available on many economic rates which one can easily afford, but there are also seasonal discounts available on different items. Moreover, there is free shipping on purchasing these products online from Garden Gates. There are absolutely no additional charges or any sort of taxes over these prices mentioned. Now you can enjoy the comfortable Dust Skirts on your bed by simply ordering on our website, and the order will be placed on your doorstep.

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  • Duvet cover for the warm nights!

    Posted on by Chad Harris

    A duvet is a bedding filled with feathers, silk, or synthetic materials. Duvets are protected by a removable cover similarly like a pillowcase. Duvets are usually plain white and covered with duvet covers. The covers are usually made up of cotton material and can be found in a wide variety of style, design, and colors.

    For those who use duvet blankets all year-round can change the duvet covers to match with the transforming season. A duvet cover enhances the ambiance of the room with rich colors and patterns. A duvet cover will transform the look of your bedroom in the blink of an eye. If you have purchased an expensive duvet, then a cover will keep it in good shape and increase its lifespan.

    When selecting a duvet cover make sure that you pick a design and style that complements your bedroom and home décor. For traditional bedrooms, chose a plaid or floral print. Children’s bedroom can be adorned with floral and stripes in fun colors.  A bachelor’s bedroom can become more masculine by using subdued patterns and solid colors.

    For the summer months, we recommend using cotton duvet covers as the most practical choice. Cotton is light and airy and can be easily washed. A blend of cotton and polyester incorporates the best of natural and synthetic fibers. They are soft, breathable and easy to care of. Silk can also be used to create a luxurious and a romantic statement in a bedroom. Velvet gives the room a heavy and a deluxe look, but should be kept for the cooler months.

    Duvet collection at combines textures, fabrics, and different colors to create a bedroom of your dreams. We have a wide selection of duvet covers crafted from the finest materials. The duvet covers are available in all bed sizes – twin, queen, and king. Our wide selection of twin sized duvet covers will also be admired by the college going kid in your life.

    Duvet Cover

    Our latest luxury line – the Bella Notte luxury bedding collection features great textures and colors. The pieces are custom dyed per order and manufactured in the USA by local craftsmen. The color choices offered by Bella Notte range from soft light colors to bright and bold – and suits individuals taste perfectly.

    We at Garden Gates work with you and give you advice on the products of your choice that allows you to create a new bedroom. Our designers also send samples of color and fabrics to your home which will help you make the right choice. Call us now or visit our website for more information.

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  • Luxury Bedding by Bella Notte linens

    Posted on by Chad Harris

    We all like to splurge on interior decorating items. But one of the best items to liven up your house and most importantly your bedroom are luxurious bedding. There is nothing like a comfortable and beautiful bed set which will make you feel like a million bucks as you drift off to sleep.

    The Bella Notte linens available at are the world’s finest, easy care linens. Initiated in 1997, Bella Notte has established its name in the business of home décor materials with their colorful and artistically textured products. Their timeless pieces are available in the softest fabrics.

    They currently have over 25 collections that call for limitless possibilities in bedroom décor. Their bedding ensembles can look as feminine and masculine (or both) as you want them to be. Their wide variety of collection appeals to consumers of all age groups.

    The “Grace” collection assembles metallic floral embroidery on natural linens while the Bella Notte “Loulah” creates a flirtiest statement with its silk velvet designed with raw ruffled edges. Their Olivia lace collection offers scalloped sizes while the “Penelope” designs combine floral jacquard material with two-tone patterns. Their latest addition “Josephine” is intricately designed in floral embroidery and “Isla” has interesting patterns that can be used alone or matched with a different design to create a new look.

    Their collection has everything you need to beautify your bedroom. You can accentuate your linen pieces with duvet covers, pillow shams, coverlets, curtains; throw cushions, and much more items. Their luxury bed sets are available in white, White, Champagne, Sable, Silver mist, Ginger, Fawn, Petal, Amethyst, Flax, Pebble, Graphite, Sea glass,Sand, Rose Quartz and Pacific. Although linen looks classic in white, you can create a bold statement by combining light colors with dark.

    A bedroom decorated in Bella Notte linen collection will give your bedroom a style statement that others will envy. Linen is a durable fabric and the styles of the room can be updated regarding the season (or your mood) with different themed pillow covers, blankets, or sheets. The timeless texture created by Bella Notte is ideal for the summer months and will give you a peaceful night’s sleep.

    Contact us now at www.thegardengates for more information on the luxurious collection by Bella Notte. You can also speak with our trained and expert bedding staff to get tips and ideas on the designs that best suits your personality. We also offer to ship sample fabrics of the product of your choice that will help you make the correct choice. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Bella Notte collection and start designing the bedroom of your choice.

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