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Spark Joy in Your Garden with Nature-Inspired Faux Bois Fountains

April 15, 2019

Are you looking for the perfect water feature to complete your outdoor space? There’s a faux bois or nature-inspired fountain for every landscape! With these beautiful, free-flowing works of art, you can bring the element of water to your garden or yard. Read on to learn more about faux bois fountains.

What is “faux bois”?

Literally speaking, faux bois means “fake wood” in French. However, the term can be expanded to mean the artistic imitation of wood or other natural materials. Faux bois has been around for several centuries, but it had its heyday in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Garden art, planters, and birdbaths from this era are very valuable.

Will a faux bois fountain look good in my yard?

While they’re not as ornate and refined as some other types of fountains, a faux bois fountain still looks great in just about any yard or garden. That’s because they draw inspiration from the trees and stones in the surrounding landscape. They will look like a natural feature of your outdoor space, looking right at home among the plants, trees, and other natural sights.

Are faux bois fountains customizable?

Yes, if you order from the Garden Gates, your faux bois fountain will be customized to your liking! We offer many different colors to choose from when you order your fountain. It will be handmade and hand-stained to order, so it’ll be as unique as the rest of your garden when it’s done. If you have any design questions about your faux bois fountain, feel free to reach out to us. We offer 365-day returns and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so you can rest assured that we’ll do whatever we can to take care of you throughout the purchase and delivery.

Henri Studio Shimmering Stones Pondless Fountain

Rock-Inspired Fountains

Like a natural waterfall or a wilderness rock formation, these rock-inspired fountains are peaceful and serene. Whether you prefer a totally organic, natural shape or you want something slightly more refined, you’ll find it in the Henri Studio and Campania International collections that we offer. Find rock fountains that blend in with desert landscapes, mountain landscapes, or anything in between.

Apex Rock Fountain

Basalt Fountain

Bubbling Rock Fountain

Inuksuk Guide Fountain

Large Rockfall Fountain

Oasis Fountain

Sedona Fountain

Slate Springs Fountain

Multi Spill Arch Fountain

Wood-Inspired Fountains

Have you ever admired the beauty of driftwood or fallen logs? Do you like rustic elements to your garden design? If so, then wood-inspired faux bois fountains will be perfect for your landscape. We have several beautiful pieces that look like wood fountains, but are actually constructed from durable, high-quality cast stone. They won’t degrade over time like real wood does, but they certainly have all the natural beauty that wood has to offer.

Curving Log Fountain

Fallen Logs Fountain

Waterfall Log Fountain

Adirondack Fountain

Spilling Logs Fountain

Twin Falls Log Fountain

Shop our wide selection of faux bois fountains and other home and garden items at The Garden Gates. We look forward to having you as a customer!

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