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Outdoor Tiered Garden Fountains

August 16, 2016

There are many fountains in the market out there with the best designs and the best quality materials cast from, the artist who made them, the importation cost accrued and the man hours spent in making the fountains. Top tiered fountains add a distinct classy, simple yet elegant look to the gardens in the homes. The qualities they are made from cast iron to ceramics and so on and so forth. Here are some of the best two-tiered fountains you can buy to add some elegance to your outdoor space:

Charente Fountain

Some of the best products to buy are from cast stone like the one of a kind Charente Fountain with a Patina finish to add to that elegant look to it. It has a simple look yet classy, it is well curved, and this fountain comes in 12 different finishes to choose from. From its intricate design, water flows from tier to tier with smaller pipes that carry water to the tier. The sure distinctive design of the product is sure a game changer.


The Charente weighs approximately 360 pounds and with the finish in place; it does allow the pure of a natural aging process according to the environment in place. It is one of the easy fountains to install, but homeowners are advised to seek professional advice when installing one. With a three-legged cord, the outlet is designed to fit any words you might write. It is a true masterpiece to have in homes. It adds that medieval touch to the garden.

Beauvais Fountain

The Beauvais Fountain has this feel of a classic take my breath away feeling once seen; it has this elegant design that will take your breath away. With the finish and design, the water flows out of the flower-shaped medallion to the other side of the pedestals. This will eventually fall to the unique and well-shaped basin below. The design is proudly American cast from a cast concrete stone. The stone weighs approximately 500 pounds. This can easily be transported in a small truck.


Spray Fountain

The two-tier spray fountain cast from fiberglass has a perfect design that can easily fit inside the house or out in the garden. It has a lighting advantage to the other fountains due to the weight advantage of only 10pounds and will sure be a romantic centerpiece especially during the night during a romantic dinner or a wedding ceremony or garden party. The piece is one of the customers should buy. Made from durable resin/fiberglass, it can withstand the harshest of elements if placed outside. Truly a masterpiece and a must get for any homeowner.

San Pietro Fountain

The San Pietro fountain is the best for an ideal central point in the garden, standing at a good height of 63 inches by 43inches wide with the water basins carefully and intricate placed on the top and the middle gives the water a dancing feature as it flows from basin to basin. With the naturally soothing sounds that emit from the masterpiece gives a calming sensation to the mind. A masterpiece we should consider getting. It doesn’t come with a lighting fixture and weighs at an astounding weight of 900 pounds and comes in with detachable plumbing that can be taken indoors during the winter times.


Escala Fountain

The Escala Fountain comes with a centered copper pipe that gives the water the chance to pour into the center of the top center stone fountain tier. It has the modern theme with a contemporary fountain that can be placed on a patio. It’s very quiet and has a cool yet one of a kind feel to the estate or the home.



Zen plinth Fountain

The Zen plinth Fountain has a whimsical gathering of peaceful and tranquility feeling that adds to the serenity and harmony to any garden that has been set which brings the one of a kind calming feature that will help you get at one with nature. Weighing at an approximately at 150 pounds with 23 inches and 13.25 inches wide. If anyone would have a true reflection of nature’s wonder, this fountain is one of my favorites and need to acquire it gives me goose bumps.


Amalfi two-tier Fountain

The Amalfi two-tier fountain with a unique design gives the client the needs to view its beauty of European design that gives the client a feel for the world with the artistic visionary of which the design is meant to last a lifetime and its perfectly made to suit your garden or patio. This will bring a soothing sound to the outdoor space.


Caterina Fountain

The cast stone Caterina Fountain adds the beautiful, breathtaking character that will enhance the plants and the flowers. It gives out a feel of European feel that will give a soothing effect to the relaxing clients in their garden and with its design made to last years, it will give a one of a kind amazing décor with its amazing craftsmanship designed to uplift your spirits.

Caterina Fountain

This is just a small sample of our outdoor tiered garden fountains delivered to homes and office across the United States.  See more by visiting here.

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