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Outdoor Sectional Furniture

August 18, 2016

Get Comfortable with these Brilliant Outdoor Solutions 

Many people often turn their outdoor gardens, porch, decks and patios into a second living room during the summer, but this should not be the case. The truth is, your outdoor living space should be your second living space during all seasons be it winter, summer, fall or spring. This is a place where you should enjoy the nice weather, good conversation; intimate cuddling near a warm fireplace, yummy barbecue and any good thing that comes with enjoying such an incredible space. Every homeowner knows very well that enjoying a beautifully structured outdoor garden would not be realized if there is no furniture to complement and enhance comfort within the landscape. Therefore, incorporating a beautiful patio sofa or sectional that is good-looking, comfortable, weatherproof and waterproof should not be a luxury, but a necessity. This is the only way that you will enjoy your outdoor space while ensuring that there are plenty of seating options for a full-blown party or an intimate family get-together.

However, many homeowners do not realize that there are obviously a few things to consider in choosing outdoor sectional furniture that suits their needs and outdoor space. But as leaders in this industry, we will never let you walk alone in this endeavor and will always provide you with helpful tips, advise and options. Whether you are looking for an outdoor lounge chair, an entire patio sofa set, hammocks or just any other individual piece, here are some things that you should consider.

Outdoor Sofa Materials 

There are obviously a lot of materials that you can consider for your outdoor sectional furniture. When going through patio furniture collections, it is important that you consider materials that suit your sense of unique style, brings comfort and appropriate for the climate in your area. If your taste lies on classics, then you can consider natural wicker or rattan. These are known for being convenient and lightweight, but may not be perfectly suitable when exposed to adverse weather. On the contrary, synthetic wicker is all-weather, durable and resistant to rain and the sun, but are not natural.

Wood sets are often traditional choices preferred by many; however, they need utmost maintenance especially for an outdoor setting. They are more than comfortable and elegant. When made from cedar wood, this furniture can be lightweight and suitable for any outdoor space, which requires sets that can be easily moved around. This cedar furniture is also resistant to insects and moisture. On the other hand, eucalyptus sofas are normally mid-weight and are among the best water-resistant sets. Teaks are known for being dense, hard, high resistance to weather, insects, and any form or marring. 

Metal furniture option is another great option to consider for your outdoor sectional furniture. Steel furniture is heavier and is normally known to be rust resistant and can withstand severe weather. However, they would be most convenient for severe weather if they are painted with rust-retardant primer and paint. Aluminum seats are mostly lightweight and corrosion resistant. They are popular for their smooth finishes and can transform an outdoor space into an elegant space. Wrought iron is obviously the strongest and heaviest material that can be used in making outdoor seats and sofas. Iron is not only durable, but also rust-resistant, but a little rust primer and paint may still be advisable. Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind that metal furniture can get a bit hot in seaming climate.

The Size of Your Outdoor Sofa

The size and shape of your outdoor sectional furniture are an important factor that cannot be discarded. You should take into consideration the size of your family, your style of living, as well as your outdoor space. For instance, a party person may consider having a bigger outdoor sofa that would offer plenty seating spaces for his/her guests. With that in mind, you ought to realize that an oversized sofa will overpower a small patio or deck while a big patio may not look nice with small sofas. 

It is, therefore, important that you have the exact measurement of your space before planning for any furniture. Having a clear layout and plan beforehand is crucial in ensuring that everything is perfectly fitted and still leave enough walking space and a few mingling rooms. Placing furniture in a congested way may damage the beauty of space. In that regard, it is advisable that you try single sofas or even individual armchairs for a smaller outdoor space while you can go for bigger and optimal sectional if you are blessed with a little more space that has complete waterproof pillows and cushions, as well as a consideration of an oversized daybed.

Pieces of Patio Furniture to Consider 

Outdoor sectional furniture is always available in different sets. They come in different cohesive and elegant sets that can provide you with ultimate relaxation and resting features. From patio chairs to coffee tables and armchairs, there are obviously many options that you can choose from. Every piece will be great for your outdoor space and perform some crucial duties such as entertaining your guests and giving you the opportunity of having an outdoor dinner with your loved ones. As one of the best outdoor sectional platforms, we bring you some of the best options that are currently available in the market. We ensure that the outdoor sectional furniture that you choose ultimately turns your outdoor living space into a paradise worth enjoying every minute. 

And because we know the very best sectional manufacturers around, we ensure that we choose pieces from only the very best. Not at any one point shall we stock anything that is not from a highly reputable sectional company. For that matter, we ensure that you dine in utmost comfort, elegance, and style with some amazing sectional pieces from Sunset West outdoor furniture. Here is why.

Sunset West Outdoor Furniture 

Committed to bringing quality, comfort, elegance and durability to your outdoor living space, Sunset West is a reputable company that has for a decade been founded on ensuring that their clients are satisfied with the services and commodities that they offer. Their outdoor sectionals are distinctive and are based on superb quality and comfort. These collections offer every homeowner value for whatever piece they want for their outdoor patios or decks. Based in Vista, California, Sunset West is perhaps in the best position to know which type of furniture is perfect for any climate. 

This is a company that fully incorporates its outdoor passion in every piece that they put their hands on. From styling and design to comfort and durability, you cannot just go beyond Sunset West outdoor furniture. Their contemporary and traditional pieces are among the very best. They bring a variety of materials in their pieces and are known all over the industry for bringing into the outdoor sectional some of the best fabrics that are durable, weather resistant and well-textured. The company’s Sunbrella fabric is an award-winning material that oozes modernity, comfort and elegance in every way. Here are some of the amazing outdoor sectional pieces from Sunset West that we stock to ensure that you get nothing but the very best. 

Coronado Sectional 

Our online outdoor sectional platform provides you with the Coronado Sectional from Sunset West. This is a piece that is highly sophisticated in its casual appearance. It is designed and wrapped with driftwood resin wickers that are styled to offer extreme luxury in an outdoor space. This is an amazing piece that follows in the footsteps of any elegant indoor upholstery, but with an incredible outdoor touch. The way Sunset West combines Styling and design is just timeless to say the very least. If you have a fabulous outdoor living space to place this amazing piece, then there is arguably no other piece that can surpass the comfort that this one-of-kind piece brings into your outdoor living space.

Huntington Sectional by Sunset West

What makes Huntington Sectional by Sunset West so elegant and comfortable is the fact that this is a piece manufactured by following into many years of experience that has been gained by generations of manufacturing of seating pieces. This remarkable sectional takes into full consideration every feature that is required to ensure comfort and luxury. From the pitch of the sofa to the proportions of the cushions and the softness of the foams used, nothing is left to chance. This is a piece that will provide comfort, attractiveness, and unparalleled value to any outdoor living space. The correct manufacturing techniques that are put in place can never be in doubt. From the stylish foams to a host of resin colors and Sunbrella fabric cushions, Huntington Sectional cannot just go wrong for any reason.

This is a great outdoor piece that is inspired by the informal and popular lifestyle of every Californian beach town. They are not only lovely but also laid-back with its organic materials. The cushions may be lavish, but do not require any maintenance. This is a fabulous collection that is easy to clean, thereby making them suitable for sitting back and putting your feet up. Some of the amazing features that this piece brings to your outdoor space include; easy maintenance, a plethora of different cushion colors, all-weather resin wicker, Sunbrella cushions, Huntington Wheat Finish and an aluminum frame coated with powder.

Malibu Sectional

Taking a cruise along the North Pacific Coast Highway, you will realize that exquisite home architecture rests on various cliffs along the Malibu lining. The endless sights of incredible aqua waters and beaches are all that defines the Malibu lifestyle. That is exactly what Malibu Sectional by Sunset West offers you with generosity in relaxation. This is an outdoor set that comes with a fully wielded and powdered aluminum frame weaved with resin with rich chocolate colors. Even though this is not the only color available, there are many other colors that you can choose from.

This is obviously a piece of furniture where you can gather your friends and talk about the sweet little nothings. The Malibu Coffee Table can be exquisite in offering you the chance of raising your feet just above the ground if not for placing food, playing games, as well as drinks. This is a fabulous piece that is upholstered by the famous Sunbrella fabric with an underneath all-weather resin wicker.

Santa Barbara Sectional 

Even though the French Riviera is famous all over the world, its American equivalent is Santa Barbara. This is a city is known for its vibrant lifestyle and relaxed atmosphere. Now, the Santa Barbara Sectional is conceived based on these incredible features to ensure that such an atmosphere is brought right into your backyard. From the comfort of the warm breezes that are synonymous with Santa Barbara to the richness of the Estates, Santa Barbara Sectional is highly perfect for bringing the Riviera feeling into your landscape. They have traditionally styled arms and can be comfortable for any outdoor entertaining area.

Montecito Sectional 

In Spanish terms, Montecito means 'Little Mountain’. But in Sunset West’ terms, this is a special gem that brings a combination of Cognac finishes with a feeling of woven elements that are exquisite for any outdoor space while bringing the incredible sensations of the wonderful Montecito Coastline. 

While these are just some select outdoor sectional furniture from Sunset West, there is a host of many other options you can consider for your outdoor living space. On our online platform, you will get virtually every piece or collection from Sunset West that will surely make your outdoor living space more beautiful with an assortment of gorgeous furniture.

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