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Outdoor Patio Umbrellas for the Home

August 15, 2016

Fantastic Shade Facilities to Ensure that You Stay Cool Outside 

Interacting with your family members or even guests in a beautifully made outdoor space is a fantastic experience that every homeowner dreams of. Sitting in a stunning garden, landscape, patio or backyard with your loved ones sharing your sweet times together or throwing a party to your friends and guests is begrudgingly charming. 

Selecting the Right Umbrella

With almost everything set on your beautifully installed landscape, life on it would not be that sweet without some accessories that have now become a must-have in every garden. There is, of course, the essence of adding different elegant furniture to your garden so that you, your family and guests can feel the utmost comfort when relaxing in your little heaven on earth. These are must-have accessories that are sure to make your garden better and more comfortable than without them.

But in the real sense, even the most stylish furniture alone would not be enough for your outdoor living space. Modern etiquette and the way of living, which are all based on enjoying the good life, dictates that gardens and outdoor living spaces should have majestic shades that should be placed in various locations within the garden to bring more appeal to the outdoor way of living. Commonly known as outdoor patio umbrellas, these shades are stately and are a sure way of bringing color, pomp and good life’ to the garden. 

These shades do not just add color to the garden but perform some crucial duties within your garden with the main aim of ensuring that life within your outdoor living space is more than sweet. Now, before looking at some of the most exquisite and affordable outdoor patio umbrellas that you may consider for your beautiful garden, it is important that you familiarize yourself with some of the benefits that these great shades will bring to your outdoor living space.

Benefits of Outdoor Patio Umbrellas 

Apart from being great in protecting your outdoor furniture from adverse weather conditions, these umbrellas become essential especially during summer when they protect everyone from the dangerous sun rays and heat. These umbrellas also bring an intimate touch to the outdoor living in a way that any other accessory cannot achieve. Whether you are in need of a beautiful outdoor breakfast with friends and family or looking forward to an intimate romantic dinner party with a loved one, doing it under the protection of an outdoor patio umbrella will make it more luxurious and comforting.

Having come to terms with the benefits of these amazing outdoor accessories, your headache may now revolve around where you can find elegant outdoor patio umbrellas that suit your needs and perfectly compliment your space. Nonetheless, this should not worry you because that is one of the main reasons why we are here. As a leading professional company, we at Garden Gates take it upon ourselves to ensure that you get nothing but the best landscaping services and garden accessories that work best for your type of landscape. As a completely authorized Treasure Garden dealer, we stock the best outdoor patio umbrellas so that you can get them at affordable rates and your convenience without having to go through a lot of hassles to get what you fully and rightly deserve regarding enhancing your landscape.

Choosing Treasure Garden as the Brand

We are guided solely by integrity and professionalism in making sure that we stock only the best outdoor umbrellas that are available. We fully understand the need for customer satisfaction, and that is why we only stock outdoor patio umbrellas from Treasure Garden. You may ask why Treasure Garden’ brands only. Right, Treasure Garden has been the leading manufacturer of a very wide selection of shade products in the world. Since 1984, this brand has offered more than 25,000 options in umbrellas, shades, and other outdoor accessories. 

Their innovation and implementation of technology on their products are immense and unrivaled. They use a variety of fabrics that allows design flexibility, durability and remain functional, dazzling and timeless. Here are some of the best outdoor patio umbrellas that you can find around. 

Cantilever Umbrella by Treasure Garden

Available in different sizes and shapes, Cantilever Umbrellas by Treasure Garden are obviously one of the best outdoor umbrellas. These are outdoor accessories that are highly perfect for any form of landscape or outdoor living space. They are available in different shapes; including square, rectangle, octagon, and curved, among others. Color choices are also a necessity that is not diminished in Cantilever Umbrellas as they are packed with features that enhance durability, functionality, and beauty. These types of outdoor umbrellas can be mounted in multi-positions to provide multitude shade solutions in several areas within your outdoor space.

Cantilever Umbrella's

Cantilever Umbrellas by Treasure Garden are outdoor investments that you cannot just brush aside. Their reliability and stability against winds are well-founded. Any Cantilever umbrella by Treasure Garden will, without any doubt, be a great buy as they have cranking and tilting mechanism that ensure that you can easily rotate them to give shade in different areas such in the pool and then to the lounge chairs.  

360 degree rotation capability of canteliver umbrellas

They can be mounted on a garden simply by using concrete, which will ensure that they remain easy to maneuver without stresses brought by bulky bottoms. Their elegance has never been in doubt, and their durability is reputable. These are types of outdoor patio umbrellas that are worth your investment for they are affordable, beautiful, functional and durable.


10’ Shanghai Collar Tilt Umbrella by Treasure Garden

From the name itself, it is easy to realize that this is an outdoor patio umbrella with very clear Eastern influences. This is a large traditional garden shade that has often been referred to as the 'Paris of the East’ for the unique and romantic feeling that it brings to the outdoor space. This is an outdoor umbrella that can cover an enormous 144 square feet area with its design based on the classic Chinese and Asian parasols. For homeowners searching for one of the most attractive and outstanding sun umbrellas that offer extensive canopy in an exceptional manner, 10’ Shanghai Collar Tilt Umbrella by Treasure Garden is the ultimate solution.

 Shanghai umbrella by Treasure Gardens


With its state-of-the-art crank and tilt features, this marvel of an umbrella by Treasure Garden comes with an aluminum stand that works well in enhancing its elegance, uniqueness in design and in beautifully retracing 'Shanghai’ way of living. The extruded aluminum pole is 20 percent thicker than normal umbrella poles while the main shade or umbrella is made of fiberglass; the material was making it flexible, durable and beautiful.  Shanghai twist to tilt umbrella feature

This is an amazing outdoor umbrella that portrays its flexibility in the way it allows you to tilt it right above the collar, which you can crank by your pleasure. Each model of this superbly designed outdoor umbrella comes with the distinct shape to offer you plenty of options to choose from. It cannot be refuted that this is an astonishing outdoor patio umbrella that is truly unique and incomparable, let alone the fact that it is manufactured by Treasure Garden, a trusted and reputable name in the outdoor umbrella industry.

9’ Wooden Umbrella with Pulley Lift by Treasure Garden 

Commonly referred to as market umbrellas, wood umbrellas are structured with a center post made of strong wood species that are naturally resistant to pests and weather. The 9’ Wooden Umbrella with Pulley Lift by Treasure Garden explicitly portrays these features and is a definite way of bringing the appealing natural look of wood and its organic feel to your outdoor space. This umbrella and other similar wooden umbrellas by Treasure Garden are made of Hardwood poles that are crafted in line with Forward Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines and certified from exceptionally managed forests, thereby making them distinguishable for their organic, reclaimed, recycled and sustainable features.

Wooden Umbrella Quad Pulley Lift by Treasure Gardens

This wooden umbrella by Treasure Garden is not only elegant but also easy to use. It is a classic and traditional umbrella that comes in many modern patterns and colors but still loved by purists for its utility and extraordinary look. For ardent holidaymakers, this umbrella is likely to remind you of that beautiful resort in Bermuda or Hawaii where you had some of the greatest time of your life. Now, imagine bringing that one-of-a-kind feeling to your outdoor living space with this unique umbrella.

Wooden Market Umbrella Classic Design

The functionality of this umbrella is clearly evident in its double pulley system, which is easy to use in raising and lowering the umbrella, as well as a center Hardwood pole that is exceptionally topped by a 9-inch shade canopy that provides your garden with a cooling shade in an area of 64 square feet.

Wooden Umbrella Hardwood Umbrella pole detail

Its Sunbrella feature is an innovative addition that guarantees at least half a decade of fade-free outdoor life. The fabrics used are strong and have double wind vent to ensure that strong winds are never a challenge. 

Commercial Umbrella by Treasure Garden

Mostly demanded by top hotels, resorts, and other commercial properties, Commercial Umbrellas by Treasure Garden come in different sizes, shapes, patterns and colors. These are unique outdoor umbrellas that you are likely to notice in sidewalk cafes and outdoor dining places. They are made of very strong materials and fabrications that are of higher grade and quality to ensure that the entire umbrella holds up to every day and regular use. 

Commerical Umbrella Opening Mechanism

When compared to other outdoor umbrellas, Commercial Umbrellas by Treasure Garden are more durable and long lasting. The 7.5’ Commercial Umbrellas by Treasure Garden are known worldwide for their right size for any small, romantic or bistro dining table and are made of materials that can withstand the daily use of any busy commercial meeting place. It has a single but thick aluminum pole that is sure to resist rust; thus maintenance free. This is because the pole can be powder-coated using various finishes including, silver, black, and shadow. 

Commerical Umbrella thickness of the tubing

In most cases, Commercial Umbrellas by Treasure Garden do not have cranks, buttons or wheels. Instead, they typically come with push-up lift and the canopy is held securely in its place with a strong stainless steel pin. These types of umbrellas guarantee wind resistance as they have single wind vents that protect them from wind damages. This efficient outdoor accessory can provide guests or patrons at an outdoor commercial space with a whopping 44 square feet of paradise shade that will encourage each of the patrons to enjoy an amazing dining experience.

We take massive pleasure and pride in being associated with various outdoor patio umbrellas from Treasure Garden. This is a brand that gives you many fine products for your outdoor shades. It is a brand that takes the game of outdoor umbrellas a notch higher in the way it offers more than 25,000 amazing products that are superbly manufactured using the best materials and some of the latest technologies just to ensure that clients are given the best products. From beautiful Cantilever Umbrellas, wooden umbrellas, beach umbrellas to commercial umbrellas and much more, Treasure Garden in association with Garden Gates gives you the best patio umbrellas that are durable, appealing, functional and affordable.

Learn more about patio umbrellas by visiting here

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