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How to Select the Perfect Christmas Tree

Christmas comes but once a year - now it's here! The holidays are special to all of us because it's an annual gathering of loved ones and a reminder to give thanks for all our blessings. But that also means you only have one chance to select the perfect tree for your home. Luckily for you, The Garden Gates has been the number one Christmas tree retailer in the Greater New Orleans area for more than a decade. In that time, we've endured enough holiday horror stories and Christmas tree disasters to cultivate expert knowledge about selecting the perfect Christmas tree for any apartment, home, business building or commercial real estate area.

How do I know what size to select?

Christmas trees should stand two full feet below the ceiling. Adhering to this sizing guideline will ensure that your living room looks full but not overwhelmed. There's nothing worse than seeing the beauty of a magnificent fir tree squelched by the confines of a short ceiling.

When should I have it delivered?

The holidays can be hectic. The stress of visiting and entertaining out-of-town guests and family members can wear down the most tenacious Christmas spirit. The best way to keep the holiday blues at bay is to keep track of errands, gifts, parties, church attendance and other holiday responsibilities. When you call to schedule your tree's delivery, keep in mind your holiday schedule. Although our delivery service is extremely convenient and time-saving, customers still need to budget time to receive the delivery and set up the tree right away. Evaluate your holiday plans and give us a call to help us help you!

What is the best type of Christmas tree to buy?

Fraser Fir trees are a classic model that represent a timeless investment. The Fraser Fir has grown to become one of the most popular species of Christmas trees. A Fraser Fir has been chosen more times than any other tree as the Blue Room Christmas Tree, which acts as the official Christmas tree of the White House in Washington, D.C. Enjoy a Presidential holiday.

How do I decorate my tree?

We love to combine classic heirloom ornaments with a few new pieces every year. By investing in high-quality Christmas ornaments every year, you will enjoy a different look every year. With both new and old ornaments, your family will enjoy a tree that represents the true meaning of Christmas - appreciation for both past and present. With specially curated ornaments, your tree will also take on a unique, well-crafted look.

How long can I keep my tree?

Every year, we have customers who send us photos of their Fraser Fir trees outfitted in Mardi Gras beads and four leaf clovers for St. Patrick's Day. Yes, it is possible to preserve your tree for months after purchase!

How do our trees last so long?

Fir trees set their sap sometime in late September, depending on the climate. Once the sap is set in, the tree can be cut down and its appearance will not change. Mass merchants sell trees that have been cut and started drying out an entire month before being loaded onto a truck. Our trees are special because they're cut only two days before loading. Mass merchants also purchase trees by the acre, while we purchase by the tree.
By observing the following pointers, you can enjoy multiple holidays with your Fraser Fir.

How do I take care of my tree?

The key is remembering to keep the water bowl full. The best approach is to monitor the bowl and refill as needed; specific quantities of water are dependent on home environment. The higher the air conditioning and heat inside a home, the lower the humidity, which increases dehydration of the water inside the bowl.
A little effort is worth the joy of a lasting, living decoration!

Is it safe for my cat, dog or dragon to drink the water?

Yes. Pets have their own ideas about what constitutes "on" and "off" limits, but never fear - there will be no tears on Christmas Day if Fido gets into your tree's water bowl. Just make sure to keep it filled!

Bonus Question: How did the Christmas tree tradition originate?

The tradition of the indoor Christmas tree dates back before the start of the 15th century in Northern Europe. Indoor trees during holiday season became commonplace in Rhineland, Germany, during the 18th century. By the 19th century, wealthy Europeans had adopted the trend. Scholars credit George Tickner with introducing the tradition to Americans. The elite Bostonian observed the custom while abroad in Dresden, Germany, and unveiled his own tree at his 1843 Christmas party. Numerous local luminaries were in attendance, including the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Longfellow's wife recorded the party. While churches did not initially approve of the glitz and excess of Christmas trees, they ultimately latched on to the fad as a way to attract young people to the church. The first urban Christmas tree lot appeared in New York City's Washington Market in 1851. The rest is history.

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