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Having Your Plants and Moving Them Too—With Concrete Lite Planters

April 15, 2019

Traditional concrete planters are a beautiful, durable, understated way to add some modern style to your space. They come in so many shapes and sizes and they’re great for holding plants, flowers, and trees. But what happens when you have to move these big planters? You’d better call a bunch of your strongest friends, because concrete planters aren’t easy to lift!

There’s a better solution: Concrete Lite planters by Campania International.

Made of concrete fiberglass, Concrete Light planters are aesthetically beautiful whether you put them indoors or out. They look like regular concrete, but their blend of materials makes them easy to lift since they combine heavy concrete with lightweight fiberglass. They are also:

  • Crack-resistant and weather-proof
  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • UV-resistant
  • Eco-friendly
  • Available in four tasteful colors

Wondering what to plant in your Concrete Lite planters?

Our Tall Oval Lite Planter Set, available in 4 colors, is the most popular Concrete Lite offering on our site. These medium/large planters are great for the following varieties of plants:


Boxwood is a classic evergreen that can be pruned into any shape. It’s perfect for flanking either side of your entrance, and it’s also beautiful for lining walkways. It works well in containers or planted directly in the ground. Boxwood can stay outside all year round, so if you’re planting it in containers, make sure that the containers are safe to use throughout the winter. Some types of planters (like ceramic) are likely to crack outdoors during cold winters, but Concrete Lite is more resistant to cracking.


There are lots of varieties of dracaena that make fantastic container plants, both indoors and out. The leaves range from light green to dark green to variegated. Some varieties have pink edges, which is great for color lovers! One benefit of dracaena is that it helps clean and purify the air indoors. Dracaena prefers to be outdoors in the summer and inside in the winter. These plants can grow quite tall, even in containers—some varieties can grow as high as 10 or 11 feet! The spiky leaves are sure to make a statement.


Hibiscus is a stunning tropical ornamental plant, but it’s actually a hardy shrub that can survive through three seasons in many areas. You can train it into a tree or a shrub, depending on your preferences. Hibiscus has huge, eye-catching blooms. Depending on the variety, the flowers can be pink, red, peach, orange, or yellow. There are also some rarer colors like white and purple. Before you get a hibiscus, make sure you have a sunny indoor area where you can keep it during the winter.

Bay Tree

Bay trees are a gorgeous and functional addition to your patio! Not only do bay trees look great, but you can also pick bay leaves to add extra flavor to your cooking. As a container plant, bay is slow growing. However, it’ll look great at every stage as it grows from a small shrub into a tree. You’ll have to move your bay tree inside during the winter, but luckily, with your Concrete Lite planter, you’ll be able to move it when you need to.

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