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Get Authentic Charm with Chic Zinc Planters

April 04, 2019

Chances are, you’ve heard of the HGTV show Fixer Upper. One of the staples of the show’s farmhouse décor style is galvanized metal. The show features galvanized décor frequently throughout its five seasons, and if you visit the Magnolia Market, you’re sure to find galvanized metal shelves, candle holders, containers, vases, and planters. However, Joanna Gaines wasn’t the first to use galvanized metal décor, and it’s not just a trend—it’s a timeless material that has been used in homes and gardens for many decades!

Loire Rectangle Planter

Galvanized metal, also called zinc, is having a moment right now—and we’re here to show you how you can incorporate it into your garden or patio décor.

What are zinc planters?

When you hear “zinc,” you might think of the element on the periodic table, but you’d only be partially right when it comes to zinc planters. Zinc planters aren’t actually made of pure zinc. They’re made of steel that is galvanized, giving it a lovely patina.

What does galvanized mean?

Galvanized metal is usually steel that is coated with zinc to help protect it from the elements and halt the formation of rust. This is done by dipping a steel product into a bath of zinc coating. This zinc coating offers lasting protection for steel products, whether they’re used indoors or out. It also changes the appearance of the metal, giving it an authentic charm.

Galvanized metal is commonly found on farms, used for shed roofs, gates, and more. That’s probably why we think of it as a farmhouse design element. But it’s also used in industrial applications a lot. Everything from small nuts and bolts to large steel beams are frequently galvanized to protect them from rust. So, zinc/galvanized materials can also give off an industrial vibe. Fun fact—cars are galvanized, too! You just can’t tell because they are covered in layers of paint.

Why are zinc planters a great choice?

In addition to their appearance, zinc planters have a few other things going for them. Zinc planters are low maintenance. They stand up to the elements. They are lightweight compared to other planter options, like ceramic or stone. And, it is a versatile material that comes in many shapes, sizes, and finishes. Zinc planters will change slightly in their appearance over time, because the patina appears when exposed to humidity. That will only make your planters more beautiful!

Beautiful Zinc Planters from The Garden Gates

We have several styles of Campania International zinc planters for you to choose from at The Garden Gates. Whether combined with other materials or used by itself, zinc is a beautiful material to add to your patio or deck. The Box Hill square and rectangular planters are wonderful for boxwood or other lively greenery. The Manoir Oak planters combine beautiful galvanized metal with rich, warm oak wood for a gorgeous farmhouse style. And, the Loire planters have a charming curved edge that adds a bit of playfulness to their classic appearance.

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