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French Folding Bistro Chair

April 03, 2016

The Folding Bistro Chair is by far one of our favorite designs in furniture. Intended for outside but useful indoors as well, bistro chairs never go out of style. They seem to find their way into every space from the extremely public Times Square in New York City to private homes and patios across not just America but also the world. The folding design of the bistro chair is uniquely French but lends itself to many styles of home and outdoor decor thanks to the classic look it creates and its impressive color palette of options.

French Folding Bistro Chair

In 1889 when the Eiffel Tower was inaugurated, the beginning of a lifelong French tradition began from the creation of the folding bistro chair.  In the late 19th century, cafes and lemonade stands  covered the sidewalks with these painted folding bistro chairs.  In the early beginnings, the simply designed painted chair served the purpose of seating all the patrons celebrating the new Tour Eiffel.  

The folding bistro chairs is the most popular for a few reasons:

  1. Compact Storage
  2. Colorful Selection
  3. Compact Size for small spaces such as apartment terraces, courtyards, etc
  4. Charm

French Folding Bistro Chair

Manufacturers of Bistro Chairs

There are a few high quality manufacturer of folding bistro chairs which are distributed in the United States from either retail locations or online stores.  

Fermob Outdoor Lounge

  • Company Location: Thoissey, France
  • Designers:  Frederic Sofia, Pascal Mourgue, Andree Putman
  • Best Known Examples: Luxembourg Parc Paris, Time Square New York
  • Color Options: 24 Exclusive Powder Coated Colors
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds

Furniture DesignHouse

  • Company Location: Midland Park, New Jersey
  • Designers: In House Staff Designer
  • Best Known Examples: Bryant Park, New York
  • Color Options: 10 standard colors- 200 optional colors on request
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

How Many Chairs Do I Need?

Folding Round Bistro Tables

  • 24 inch Bistro Table - 2 chairs comfortably (3 max)
  • 30 inch bistro table - 3 chairs comfortably (5 max)
  • 38 inch bistro table - 4 chairs comfortably (7 max)
  • 46 inch bistro table - 6 chairs comfortably (9 max)

Folding Rectangle  & Square Tables

  • 28 x 28 bistro table - 2 chairs comfortably (4 max)
  • 30 x 22 bistro table - 2 chairs comfortably (4 max)
  • 38 x 22 bistro table - 4 chairs comfortably (6 max)
  • 51 x52 bistro cargo - 8 chairs comfortably (10 max)

Receiving Your Bistro Chairs

When your bistro chairs arrive, they will be packaged to arrive at your home safely.  Open the large cardboard box, remove the chairs from the plastic bags and make sure to grab the small plastic bag of feet that is attached to the chair.  Do not use a knife, box cutter or other sharp objects, as these may damage the painted finish.  Make sure to inspect for any shipping damages at this time.  

Care and Maintenance of Bistro Chairs

The best way to keep your bistro chairs in excellent condition is to follow some basic routine maintenance guidelines.


Cleaning your metal bistro chairs is best with a biodegradable soap like simple green. Make sure to follow the label instructions and dilute with water.  Use a soft bristle brush or clean lint free towel and wash the bistro chair.  Make sure to completely rinse all residue and allow to air dry.  


Follow these simple rules to keep your bistro chairs operating properly with some simple monthly tips.

  • Wash or Towel off all debris, bird dropping and similar regularly
  • Lubricate all moving parts monthly using a product similar to WD40
  • When not is use during periods of bad weather- keep in dry place


Metal bistro chairs will get scratched, have rust and need to have some painting touch ups done during the life of the product.  Here are some tips to easily handle scratch repairs.  

  • Use  Rustoleum® to stop the spread of rust
  • Use the matching touch up paint to cover the Rustoleum® after it has been applied.
  • Never use sandpaper to remove rust spots

You Should Know

The lifespan of your bistro chairs will depend on the type of use, location and proper maintenance.  To extend the lifespan of our bistro chairs, store when not in use.  In certain parts of the country, we recommend storing your metal bistro chairs over the winter months in a well ventilated area that is is free from humidity and where the temperature is maintained.  We strongly suggest wrapping the chairs with a breathable fabric or placing them inside of the cardboard boxes from shipping. Do not cover in plastic, plastic tarps or inside plastic bins as this will promote moisture and lead to rust damage.   

All of our bistro chairs are designed and manufactured using recycled and recyclable materials to promote a greener end product. Each of the processes it takes to create our bistro chairs remain committed to nature, which only makes sense because we want you to enjoy these chairs in the outdoors.   Please help us follow this green mission by recycling and repurposing any waste products from the packaging or products.

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