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French Bistro Furniture Buyers Guide

August 28, 2016

French Bistro Furniture Buyers Guide 

Outdoor Furniture – the Life and Blood of Your Home

Your home is your haven. From indoor to outdoor furniture, having the most stylish and comfortable products are absolutely essential for all homeowners who wish to make the most of their life within their home and outside as well. Although there are many brands that may cater to your needs of outdoor furniture, there are few brands when it comes to outdoor furniture. This is the point where Fermob enters your life.

Fermob –  Are They the Outdoor Furniture Guru?

Dedicated to providing its customers with nothing less than the best, Fermob has been making French bistro furniture for years. With its vision of creating a plethora of unique designs that delight customers with diverse needs and tastes, Fermob knows how outdoor furniture can beautify your home.  

Consider adding colors to your outdoor world

Offering an endless variety of dazzling colors and styles, Fermob is recognized for its quality, durability and affordable range of bistro furniture. Liquorice, storm grey, linen, nutmeg, chili, russet, fuchsia, aubergine, cobalt blue, turquoise, and more, the choices are endless. The wide range of options allows consumers from all walks of life to find a perfect fit for their outdoor needs. They can create outdoor settings of their dream choosing from the range of colors of French bistro furniture from Fermob without having to think twice.

Fermob’s 125th Anniversary

The company recently celebrated its 125-year anniversary at the Eiffel Tower. It was an event that the participants would cherish for years, full of merriment and reminiscing about the wonderful journey from the invention of the bistro chair to the company’s current success.

The Eiffel Tower is indeed one of the hottest destinations in the world. Just like Bistro chair, this tower symbolizes the expertise of the industry. It is an outstanding structure, designed much ahead of its time. Fermob built an Eiffel Tower out of bistro chairs to pay tribute to its heritage and the craftsmanship at the soul of Fermob’s furniture.

Is there a better solution to Fermob? 

Fermob’s love and respect for nature drives all its operations. Keeping in view its mission, Fermob takes special care in all its processes from design to production. Every year, about 400,000 products are produced that set new standards in the world of French Bistro. A wide range of materials are used that are carefully designed and crafted, taking care of the aesthetic as well as the practical needs of users from all walks of life.

How Detailed is the Inspection to ensure quality?

Thorough inspections are carried out at Fermob through every step of the production process. From buying raw material to a final finishing, their team of experts makes sure that the highest standards of quality are observed so that every product is perfect and without flaw. Raw materials, weld checks, paintwork, assembly and more, the team at Fermob is geared towards responsibility, ensuring every product is a piece of art.

A validated process

Being ISO 14001 certified since 2010, Fermob is a name that you can trust. This standard substantiates the quality and reliability of the brand and also stands as proof of its unwavering quest for improvement in environmental performance.  

Does the color fade? 

Because Fermob furniture is designed for outdoor purposes where it is exposed to all types of weather conditions, it is UV proofed. This helps to keep the products bright and also ensure their durability. It means that once you have your furniture from Fermob, you will not have to invest in other outdoor furniture for years. The colors of Fermob furniture will stand the test of time and prove to be faithful to you for years to come.

Reused outdoor technical fabric

Fermob is particular about all its quality standards; it is vigilant and selective when choosing outdoor technical fabric (OTF). It opts for suppliers following strict sustainability standards.  This way it ensures that all canvas components are recycled – going green again!

OTF has a number of advantages other than being tear-proof, comfortable and resistant to sagging.

OTF Benefits

Some of the OTF benefits include:

  • Comfortable – there is no need to use cushions
  • Lasting Colors – it is treated against UV rays and molds, which helps to sustain colors for years
  • Water Resistant – it can resist water penetration and ideal for sunbathing and pool areas
  • Stays Cool- it does not heat up even in scorching heat
  • Easy Care – can be cleaned using soapy water to regain original shine

Optimal Weight

The experienced and proficient designers at Fermob focus on each and every detail. They optimize the raw material, thereby achieving the optimal weight possible for every piece of furniture.

In-house Painting Line

Without colors, life is just black and white. If there were no colors and shades, Fermob products would not be able to show their complete splendor. Just like designing and crafting, the process of painting is also given complete attention at Fermob. That is why a full-scale in-house painting line has been established in order to provide every piece with the perfect shade to complement its design and style.

Fermob’s Approach - Going Green  

Fermob understands the importance of going green. That is why they opt for materials such as metal that are eco-responsible. Acting as the primary raw material, metals allows Fermob to come up with stunning designs for all types of outdoor furniture. Keeping in mind that about 98% of metals are recycled around the world, the choice of this raw material truly shows its social responsibility. You can do your part in going green when you purchase Fermob products because they are are not only recyclable but also made from recycled materials.

How Steel Fermob Furniture is Made

Fermob creates world-class outdoor furniture using steel in the form of sheets and reels. The raw material is cut mechanically and folded to create masterpieces to suit the diverse tastes of buyers. Some items are also factory forged in order to create parts that can only be hand-made. Using the most extraordinary designs, each product designed to not only meet but also exceed customers’ expectations. In addition to a flawless look, Fermob’s team of designers considers all aspects of comfort while designing each product, which is crafted out of steel.

Safe for you, safe for environment

The powder paints used by Fermob are free of solvents, and they are applied in a zero-release environment. The remnants are recyclable and recycled, adhering to the “go green” philosophy of the firm. They also have no detrimental effect on workers and users nor a harmful impact on the planet.

The Collections & Colors

Every person is unique and no two decisions the same. When it comes to choosing garden furniture, every buyer has his or her own preferences. Fermob understands these needs and the preferences of their diverse customer base. Thus, the brand has designed a wide variety of French bistro options, allowing buyers with different tastes and styles to make the best selection according to their individual preferences. Ranging from seats to benches and sunloungers to tables, there are a variety of designs, colors and styles available from Fermob.

Flagship Collections

Offering more than 50 different collections, Fermob will delight your senses with over 157 unique products that are ideal for any garden. Although every collection is extraordinary, some are really the standard-bearers of the brand. The flagship collections such as Costa, Luxembourg, Bistro, Dune and Alizé are brimming with the Fermob identity and essence.

Bistro Seats

Designed to perfectly fit in various gardens and outdoor spaces, Fermob chairs exhibit perfection in style, design and comfort. Every chair is a piece of art and pleasing to the eye. You can find traditional chairs, high stools, armchairs, low arm chairs, hanging arm chairs and more.

The choices are endless, giving you an opportunity to make the best pick choice according to your individual preferences. Each style is available in a wide range of colors. There are also sofas, low arm chairs duos, loungers and various other stunning styles that can help you perfect the look of your garden.

Bistro Tables

Fermob does tables as wonderfully as their other bistro products. A huge variety of tables are available in numerous sizes, shapes, colors and designs. There are round tables, traditional shapes  and others such as folding high and low tables. Green, blue, pink, white, black and more, the color choices are as endless as the variety of styles and designs in bistro tables by Fermob.

Some people prefer to have high tables to go with their high chairs while others are comfortable using those that are lower. In the same way, buyers may want to select the tables that can be folded while others may prefer to use tables that are not flexible. Regardless of your personal preference, you will easily find a perfect option to complement your particular garden and its setting.

Outdoor Sunloungers

One of the most comfortable, stylish and lovely additions to your garden, sunloungers are an essential part of every outdoor decor. They will help you relax in your garden and add a touch of class to this special space. Sunloungers are carefully designed, providing you with maximum grace, comfort and beauty in your garden. Sunloungers are essentially reclining chairs for relaxing or enjoying the sunshine. Those who want to enjoy the most of their garden will find that these wonderful chairs from are Fermob the perfect addition.

A variety of shapes, styles and colors are available at Fermob, allowing you to choose one that would make a perfect fit in your garden. Deck chair, swinging bed, Chaise lounges and more, this huge variety of style is just one of the many benefits of Fermob furniture. The color palette of these chairs is also diverse to suit your particular liking and complement the rest of your garden décor.

Outdoor Benches

For those who wish to add a traditional touch to their garden, a stylish bench from Fermob is a must for them. Available in a lovely assortment of shapes, sizes, styles and colors, there are various options in this category of garden furniture. The benches are beautiful, and so are the colors. Thus, you will be able to have a comfortable experience in addition to pleasing your aesthetic. Fermob benches are ideal for two people as well as a single user. Since they are available in a variety of shades, you will not have to limit your choice when it comes to deciding on color.

The Importance of Colors

Color scheme is highly important when it comes to your garden furniture. If you pick chairs, tables and other items without considering the color you will certainly fail to create a look which is aesthetically appealing. Colors speak, allow you to express yourself and create a particular look. For example, if you wish to create a soothing ambiance in your garden, whites and other cooler shades can be suitable. On the other hand, if you rather a romantic feel, warm shades of yellows and reds can be more appropriate.

A Plethora of Stunning Colors

French Garden Furniture and patio furniture by Fermob comes in a huge variety of colors to satisfy the tastes of customers and their diverse preferences. Ranging from liquorice to steel grey, cotton white to russet, carrot to lagoon blue, there are many options to choose from. Tables and chairs from Fermob are also available in stunning turquoise, wonderful cedar green, soothing grass green, and a palette of other shades to make your garden a haven. By choosing an appropriate color from Fermob you can express yourself just the way you want and leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Thanks to the huge assortment of colors as well as designs, homeowners of all backgrounds and styles can easily make the perfect choice.  

How do you buy Outdoor Bistro Furniture? 

Thanks to the internet, shopping for furniture can take place anywhere. Just like the best brands, Fermob offers a number of resources to help you find the best outdoor furniture for your space.

Traditional Retail Outlets  

There are many retail outlets of Fermob throughout some of the most prominent cities and countries in the world. Traditional stores allow you to have a comfortable and convenient experience while exploring the best options. You will be given special attention as soon as you enter one of our retail destinations. Friendly and knowledgeable staff will inform you about the various kinds of bistro furniture by Fermob, and they will help you make a well-informed decision.

Since the retail outlets are located all across the region, you can easily shop for Fermob furniture regardless of your location.

Online Shopping

If you wish to have a marvelous set of garden furniture from Fermob, you can check out the collections online. Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can explore Fermob’s furniture collections and have everything you wish delivered to your doorstep.

The Benefits of Buying Fermob Bistro Furniture Online

Online shopping is great in a number of reasons. You don’t have to physically visit a retailer, which can save both travel time and money. In the same way, online shopping for Fermob will allow you to explore more options in less time. You will also get the benefit of comparing different pieces of furniture in terms of price and other features. Besides, shopping Fermob French garden furniture online will also allow you to place your orders any day and any time; you don’t have to wait for a retailer to open their store or speak to someone in person.

Use of Fermob Furniture

Just as endless options are offered by Fermob, the uses and applications of these French masterpieces are also infinite. Though these chairs, tables and other products are considered garden furniture, their utility is not limited to garden alone. Don’t forget, the main use of the bistro furniture from Fermob is for outdoor purposes with scores of options suiting your own need and preferences.

Fermob for the Traditional Gardens

The chairs, tables and other accessories from Fermob are certainly designed for outdoor uses but are not limited to the outdoors. Get creative with your furniture and find new ways to use these unique pieces. Homeowners who wish to have a sitting area in the garden and are looking for a traditional look can opt for Fermob French garden furniture. Having a few chairs placed with a table in the center will create a place in your garden to sit, relax, eat or just to enjoy the splendor of your garden.

Fermob Bistro for a Modern Outdoor Setting

The endless options in the world of Fermob can be ideal for those who want to create a modern and chic appeal in their garden. There are great pieces of furniture that can be used in non-traditional ways. Try adding some benches or a few chairs with tables that would complement the décor of the rest of your garden. A sunlounger or two can also be a wonderful addition to any modern garden setting, allowing you to unwind or just leave a powerful impression on your visitors.

Fermob Bistro for a Romantic Look

Fermob can also help you achieve a typical romantic French feel with its mesmerizing designs and styles. A bench or two will add ample seating to enjoy a beautiful night and a peaceful ambiance. Recliners are ideal if you love the sun and have a pool area. Dainty bistro chairs and tables will create a great place to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with your friends and family.

Fermob Furniture for Comfortable Outdoor Spaces

Unlike other outdoor furniture, Fermob furniture is highly comfortable. Comfort is key for unwinding, relaxing, having some time by yourself or spending a good evening with your guests. Fermob understands this need of their customers and thus ensures that every piece it produces is made according to certain requirements. That is why any product that you pick will not disappoint you and provide you with a comfortable place to rest within your garden. Even if you sit for hours on the masterpieces by Fermob you will never have a complaint about comfort.

Fermob for Poolside

If swimming or enjoying the view of the swimming pool is your favorite place in warm weather, look into the lounge collections from Fermob. The sunloungers and other chairs and tables can be highly suitable for poolside areas where you can relax, have a snack alone or enjoy time with friends. Sunloungers will allow you to take in the sunlight after a nice dip in the pool. The chairs and tables can be useful for almost all purposes, including having a meal, reading the newspaper, working on your laptop or just relaxing outdoors.

Fermob French Furniture for your Terrace

Those of you who love to spend time outside on the terrace must take advantage of Fermob outdoor furniture. Add a few chairs and a stylish table to eat out in the sun or grab a sunlounger to enjoy a perfect afternoon nap. A bench for two in a beautiful color is another essential addition to your terrace. Pair it with a small table and you will create an amazing look and turn your ordinary area into a perfect outdoor space.

Care and Maintenance of Bistro Furniture

Since every product from Fermob is made following the highest standards of quality, maintaining French furniture from the brand is very easy. Most people will not feel the need to care much for these pieces of art because they are sturdy as well as durable. There are some important tips to know in order to help you make the most of every item.

Caring and maintenance

Caring for your Fermob patio furniture will certainly help you extend its life even more. You will also be able to enjoy its beauty and elegance for years if you take proper steps to care for it. Unlike other outdoor furniture, not much maintenance is required for Fermob furniture. Because it is meant for outdoor use, Fermob furniture weather resistant and tough, so the sun and the effects of water won’t have much impact on it.

Tips to Care for your Fermob Bistro Furniture

  • Always use a non toxic, biodegradable soap to clean your patio furniture.
  • When you have to wash these products, using a micro cloth can be useful. The reason is that this material does not create any scratches and will not spoil the look of the surface.
  • Remember, whenever you have to wash your bistro furniture you must dry it as well. If you don’t dry it properly, the furniture may rust. (Of course you don’t want that to happen.)
  • Lastly, in order to maintain your Fermob furniture you must oil all the joints so that they continue to perform at the optimum level.

Following these simple tips will help you improve the life and appearance of your French bistro furniture.

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