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Most Popular Europe2You Products

  1. Baguette slicing board

  2. Reclaimed wood cutting boards (see them here)

  3. Found glass bottles, mason jars, and demijons

  4. Reclaimed wood trivets

  5. Pizza peels, boards, and other cooking accessories

Watch Beth make a delicious, easy meal using the baguette slicing board here.


Entertaining Pieces with a Side of History

Europe2You is an interesting company with a unique concept - sourcing found and reclaimed objects and bringing them to the US to give them new life. This husband and wife team travels all over the continent to find truly special pieces that are no longer in use but still just as useful. Taking old pieces of glass and wood and breathing new concepts into them is not an easy task, but it is so worth it in the end. They also find old housewares and kitchen tools throughout the various regions they visit, amassing great collections of similar items that are each one of a kind. You can rest assured that when you bring home one of these interesting items, it will be on its next chapter of life. Imagine the fun you and your family will have creating its story.

Best Housewarming Presents

  1. Cheese board with knife set

  2. Unique serving pieces, such as glass domes or a lazy susan

  3. Unusual decorative objects

  4. Useful items that are also beautiful, such as a paper towel or napkin holder

  5. A pretty vase holding fresh flowers

Europe2You - The Perfect Gift for Many Occasions

Items from Europe2You make ideal gifts thanks to their special nature and their ability to go with many homes, lifestyles, and personalities. If your friend or family member likes to entertain, has an easygoing personality and enjoys the beautiful and charming decor, you will most likely be able to find something for everyone.

Look at this easy appetizer spread of some Europe2You pieces from At Home with Beth and Chad here.