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Combining Style and Function with Outdoor Glazed Planters

February 10, 2019

Looking for beautiful, weather-resistant planters for your patio, deck, or yard? Look no further! Here’s how to add style and function to your yard with outdoor glazed planters.

What is a Glazed Planter?

Glazed planters are made from terra cotta clay that is baked at very high temperatures, painted with a strong, durable glaze, and then baked again to ensure beauty and durability. Glazed terra cotta planters come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns to suit any gardener’s desires! 

How to Incorporate Glazed Ceramic Planters Into Your Yard

Add some color to your yard during the times of year when there are fewer blooms

If you love color, you’re in luck: you can get beautiful glazed pots in a wide variety of colors and patterns! We love this tall, jade-green jar,

this stunning set of blue planters,

and this sunset red patterned planters.


Whether you love bright colors or prefer understated neutrals like white or black, you can get any color you want. When you shop our ceramic planters, you can find a range of styles and finishes. Do you like a glossy glazed effect, a stone-like effect, or intricate patterns? We have it all. There are some beautiful metallic glazes, too! 

You can coordinate your outdoor glazed planters with your blooms during the summer. And, you can use your planters as a pop of color during the less-colorful times of the year. Even if you can’t have flowers blooming 365 days a year, you can add some cheer with colorful ceramics! 

Use planters to contain rapidly-spreading plants (like mint) instead of planting them straight into your garden beds

If you’ve ever grown mint, you know how quickly it can spread and take over your entire flower bed—and maybe even your lawn! Mint is just one of many beautiful or fragrant plants that tend to spread where it isn’t welcome. However, you can completely eliminate this problem using glazed ceramic planters to contain creeping plants and groundcovers. They will look beautiful and keep you from having to pull weeds all summer long. 

Use tall planters to signify the edge of a cozy patio space

Sometimes, you have to get creative when defining a space in your yard. A series of large planters is a great way to section off a cozy seating area. If you plant tall plants inside, you’ll get some extra privacy. As a bonus, you can coordinate your new, colorful glazed planters with your patio furniture. 

The Downsides of Outdoor Glazed Planters

Glazed ceramic pots are heavy. They’re excellent if you rarely move them, but they’re not so great if you have to transport your plants on a regular basis. The larger ones are quite heavy! Moving them also increases the risk of accidentally cracking them. And, they can also crack in extremely cold weather, especially if there is moisture inside them. For this reason, they may need to be brought inside during the winter in cold climates. 

Despite the minor downsides, ceramic glazed planters are an excellent addition to your outdoor space! 

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