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Getting ready for the holiday season seems to happen earlier and earlier each year. It appears that we are making the list and checking it twice beginning in September and even as early as August. The Garden Gates created a Christmas delivery service in the Metairie and New Orleans area that takes the stress out of the holiday season.

Christmas Tree Height - What size do I select?

Let's measure the door frame height and width then the area the Christmas tree will be placed. Remember, if your Christmas tree is hand strung with white lights, the tree will be delivered open.

Rule of Thumb- 10-foot ceilings typically have 8-foot doorways between 30 inches to 36 inches

Christmas Tree Sizing Chart

Tree Size & Ceiling Height

  • 6-7 foot trees are for 8-foot ceilings 
  • 8-9 foot trees are for 9-10 foot ceilings 
  • 10-11 foot trees are for 11-12 foot ceilings 
  • 12-13 foot trees are for 13-14 foot ceilings 
  • 14-15 foot trees are for 15-16 foot ceilings 
  • 16-18 foot trees are for 20-24 foot ceilings

Measure the Space

Determining the size of the area where you are going to place your Christmas tree requires just two simple things. How tall is the ceiling and how much time are you going to spend moving the furniture.

How wide is my Christmas Tree  

  • 6-7 foot trees are 3 to 4 feet wide 
  • 8-9 foot trees are 4 to 5 feet wide 
  • 10-11 foot trees are 5-7 feet wide 
  • 12-13 foot trees are 7-10 feet wide 
  • 14-15 foot trees are 10-12 feet wide 
  • 16-18 foot trees are just huge

Our most popular Christmas tree size in the New Orleans and Metairie areas is the 9 foot Christmas tree and the 10 foot Christmas tree.  The size works well in most homes.  

To learn more about our Christmas trees and the services offered during the holiday season, click here for trees with lights and here for fresh green trees.