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Best Home Decor Accessories

February 01, 2017

Baskets, vases, towels, organizers… just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to home accessories. Your home is your castle and should be filled with the things that make you happy – your own personal treasures. Once you have the right furniture, you can start filling in the details with the perfect home accessories. At The Garden Gates, we understand the importance of making your home your castle, which is why we choose the most beautiful, whimsical and wonderful home accessories for you to make your house your own.


The bathroom is just as important as any other room in your house. It is easy to forget that this room needs and deserves just as much attention as the rest of your home. This includes decorating it and adding accessories that make you smile.

We love the Belle Handtowel Pair for a feminine touch in the powder room or your bathroom. The delicate shade is perfectly accented with floral embroidery, a velvet ribbon and ruffle embellishing the edge. These details make the Bella Handtowel Pair the perfect home accessories to hang next to your sink or add to a stack of luxurious bath linens for your guests. 

If you need a unique place to store bath towels, magazines or just provide an interesting focal point for your vintage-style bathroom, you will love the Found Baby Bathtub with Stand. It’s vibrant green stand and perfectly imperfect wash basin is reminiscent of a well-made European household staple. We’ve even used them as plant stands, placing several potted ferns in the basin for an unconventional indoor planter.

Should you like rich color accents in your bathroom, you will love the Chimay Handtowel Pair with their sumptuous texture and deep royal purple. Nothing beats the softness of fine cotton towels – this pair is no exception. Perfect for the guest bath or as an accent in your own bathroom, we’re sure with the soft plushness of these towels you’ll enjoy the task of handwashing just a little more.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to decorative accents. Whether you are looking for something to hang on your walls, decorate your tabletops with, or set on the mantle, using home accessories can breathe a lot of life and personality into your living space.

At The Garden Gates, we pay attention to the little details, as well as the big picture. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting accent pieces for you and your unique home and lifestyle.

Baskets – If you love the casual, warm look baskets can impart in any space, have we got some beauties for you! One of our absolute favorites is the Iron Five-Basket Rack. This classic piece is perfect in the kitchen or bathroom – it even works well in the bedroom to store smaller items like clutches or folded scarves. Its stacked layout ensures it offers a great deal of storage without dominating a lot of floor or surface space.

In the same spirit of space-saving design, the Wire Laundry Basket with Linen is a great combination of looks and functionality. Its tall, narrow footprint and printed linen lining bag create an attractive space for your dirty laundry, helping you keep it confined to one place.

Pillows – Oh, pillows, how we love you and your ability to change up a room! The Garden Gates selects the most interesting and appealing pillows available, bringing them straight to you and your living spaces! Whether you use them as accents on your bed, sofa or window seat, a variety of textures and sizes make our pillows the best option for adding a little appeal to any space in your home.

We love the Bunny Small Pillow for its smaller size and punch of color and design it delivers. The vibrant olive green is accented with a brilliant soft blue and white in an abstract pattern. Add it to your couch or bed for a little punch of color. Or pile them high in a child’s room for a whimsical spot to rest and daydream. However you choose to use it, we think you’ll love its ability to bring your mood up a notch.

For a touch of feminine elegance, give the Linen Boudoir Throw Pillow a prominent place on your bed or bench. The embroidered netting overlay gives a delicate and breezy edge. This lovely pillow comes in a handful of feminine colors and goes perfectly with the Olivia Throw Pillow Cover.

The ultimate in casual elegance can be found in our Silk Velvet Embroidered Throw Pillow. The rich velvet is soft to the touch, with a ruched piping around the edges. This unique piece can dress a room up, or find its place in a more casual-chic environment. Great for the bedroom or living room, we delight in the broad palette of colors these gorgeous pillows come in.


At The Garden Gates, we love books. We love to read them, look at them and display them. This is why we have pulled together a small collection of some of our favorites. We have even searched high and low to find really great decorative books with leather covers. These look divine on a console or occupying a spot between a couple of ceramic vases. Whichever you choose and however you choose to use them, we think you’ll love our selection of books.


Clocks don’t just have to be timepieces! They are incredible works of mechanical genius, either on their own or displayed with other wall or tabletop art. Here at The Garden Gates, we offer a clock that will fit almost any décor. Whether you love the old, rustic country look, or enjoy a more industrial edge, take a look. You’re sure to find just the clock you’re looking for to complete your room.

Take for instance, the Blue Wooden Clock Face. This aged and distressed finish in a light, but distinctive blue is equally at home in a farmhouse-inspired room, or a Vintage French chic space. The bold black numerals and hands show up crisply against the blue, making this a fantastic home accessories piece.

Should you be seeking a clock with a little more sophistication, the Plaster Clock will keep your time elegantly, with its finial-topped case and clean Roman numerals. We are particularly fond of this clock in combination with other bold pieces such as urns or statuettes.


Vases and bowls provide the perfect balance of utility and aesthetics when it comes to home accessories. Coming it endless shapes, sizes, textures and materials, they run the gamut from perfect refinement to rustic charm. The Garden Gates has gathered some of the most interesting and beautiful bowls and vases to complement any room in your house, from the entryway to the bathroom and beyond. Take a look at all of the fantastic pieces we offer; we’re quite sure you’re going to find the one that tickles your fancy and completes your décor.

The slightly askew neck of the Madeira Glass Vase is no mistake; it will display a single bold bloom perfectly, or hold its own without any floral occupants. We are particularly fond of placing single white peonies, or a spray of two or three Asiatic lilies in them. The angle of the neck showcases large blossoms beautifully.

The swirled glass of the Sophia  Vase gives it an advantage in modern settings, allowing it to add a pop of unexpected color. Its shallow bowl in the center can be filled with blooms, or play host to unusual objects and bobbles. We use this bowl vase during the holidays, filled with glass balls of different colors, textures and finishes – the perfect centerpiece for the holiday dining table.


The French have a talent for creating beautiful pottery and ceramics. There is no question about that. From sophisticated to shabby-chic, The Garden Gates has brought together an incredible collection of French Glazed Pottery to complete the décor in any room in your home. The numerous shapes and textures can be continued through the room, or you can change it up a bit by putting together unlikely combinations. Many of these pieces work beautifully as planters or vases.

The Large Consort Vase is equally at home in a slightly more formal room design, or nestled in amongst antique milk cans and crocks. Its footed design makes it unique, while the points along the rim provide a resting spot for heavy flowers or even unusual twigs and branches. Consider using one of these fantastically versatile pieces in the bath or powder room as a waste basket. The possibilities for this piece are really quite endless!

For a gorgeous way to show off your favorite houseplants, tuck their small pots into moss within the latticework walls of the Lattice Basket. The small openings throughout will allow the moss to peek through, perfecting an English Country Garden display, or fill it with greenery for the holiday season.


Moss balls, faux or real, can add a certain element of outdoorsy charm to any décor. The Victorians were quite keen on using moss in their miniature greenhouses and terrariums, allowing them to enjoy the charms of the outdoors year-round. Our collection of different shapes and sizes of moss balls, in addition to loose moss, will help you, too, bring the outdoors into your space.


Silver, wood, gilt, ironwork… picture frames have long been a mainstay in home décor and home accessories, allowing you to display your favorite photos and memories where ever you want. We have chosen a wonderful variety of frames, from casual and whimsical to more formal, giving you the opportunity to choose the perfect frame to capture your precious memories and moments.

The inspirational quotes and beautiful scripts and types on our colorful Sugarboo Frames are sure to please you and anyone that views your photos. There is one created for just about any occasion you can think of, from weddings to the birth of a new child to the celebration of your favorite canine companion.

For those pictures you want to have stand out, try one of our Reclaimed wood frames. Wide edges don’t distract, but rather complement the image set within its center. All of the reclaimed wood frames we offer come in a distressed and weathered barnwood grey.


Since time began, people have looked for ways to cover their floors, improving the heat retention and aesthetics of a room. Carpets and rugs can bring a space to a whole new level, providing visual interest in addition to a softer feel under foot. Traditionally, rugs have been made of animal skins, woven cotton, tufted wool and reeds. There are numerous other materials used; those listed above are only the beginning.

Here at The Garden Gates, we believe a room should be comfortable and inviting from the floor up. This means including rugs and other floor coverings in your space. From classic to contemporary, the choices are almost endless.

Our Catamaran Stripe Rug is a great choice for many indoor and outdoor living spaces. It offers bold stripes in many different colors, making it possible for you to find the perfect shade for your casual décor. We especially like these on front porches under wicker or wood porch furniture. They define the space and allow you to slip off your shoes while you sit and enjoy the outdoors.

The Plain Tin Wool Rug is a sophisticated geometric pattern in a soft wool. It goes beautifully with many different styles, while the wide range of color options ensures you’ll find the perfect shade to match your home accessories and décor.

If you’re looking for natural plant fiber rugs, be sure to view our extensive collection of jute, cotton, bamboo and seagrass rugs. With interesting textures and colors, you will be awed by all of the possibilities they offer for your home’s floor covering needs.


From the heartfelt to the whimsical, we love wall plaques! They make a statement and add visual interest to any room or entryway. Some are even more apropos outside the front door or hanging over the sink or commode. Look through all of our fantastic, witty and wonderful plaques for the one that speaks volumes to you.

The ABC’s of Marriage Wall Plaque is a fantastic reminder of how you should always approach your relationship with your spouse. We think it also makes a charming wedding gift for a young couple, or an amusing present for those silver and gold anniversaries that have obviously taken these edicts to heart.

Dog owners the world over will laugh out loud at the Beware of Dog Poop plaque. Its sophisticated font leads one to believe they might be in for an astute message as they approach, but upon reading it, we guarantee it will make even the biggest curmudgeon break a smile.


No kitchen is complete without a few select items that speak to you and who you are. The Garden Gates has curated a huge variety of fantastic home accessories to make your kitchen somewhere you love to spend time, whether you cook or not!

Countertop Accessories – from interesting crocks to store utensils to resin fruit for that finishing touch, we have brought together some of the most fun and interesting countertop accessories we could find.

For instance, we love the Black Resin Pear and the way it contrasts against Carerra marble. It also looks fantastic in a modern kitchen with lots of stainless steel and monochromatic color schemes.

The Lacquered Resin Apple in white makes a great pairing with the above pear, or buy a whole bowl’s worth and display them on your countertop!

Aprons – beautiful aprons have found their way back into vogue in recent years, popping up in the top culinary magazines and in display windows of major department stores. An apron doesn’t have to be purely utilitarian – it can be an extension of your personal style, as well.

We think the His and Hers Apron Set is a fantastic way to give a nod to each head of the household. Crisp white fabric and subtle screenprinting make these aprons a perfect gift for the new bride and groom to get started on their culinary adventures together.

The Icemilk Apron is a fantastic gift for the chef in the family. It comes packaged in a quaint Ball mason jar, its subtle neutral tones reminiscent of the soft colors of icemilk itself.

Kitchen Tools – no kitchen is complete without a few niceties, such as fine cutting boards and interesting serving pieces. We have brought together a comprehensive collection of some of the finest kitchen tools available for your cooking and gifting pleasure.

Never again will you have lopsided, uneven slices of bread with the Baguette Slicing Board. Pre-measured slots along the length guide you in creating perfect, even slices of bread.

We absolutely love the rustic look of the Cookbook iPad Holder, made especially for keeping your recipes close-at-hand while you cook. The juxtaposition of technology and old-school charm aren’t lost on us in this holder.

Kitchen towels – we think you will love our collection of whimsical Printed Kitchen Towels, with hilarious quotes spanning their widths. We have one appropriate for almost every occasion and household, all in black on white print, making them perfect for almost every kitchen’s décor.

Trays and platters – the presentation is almost as important as the food being offered on them, in our opinion. This is why we have brought together some of the most interesting and unique pieces we could find for your serving and entertaining needs.

The Metal Dome Plate Cover with Rope Handle will let you offer up your victuals in style. A thick, genuine rope handle gives the otherwise refined shape and shiny finish of this covered dish a nautical feel, making it perfect for seafood or hiding the perfect shrimp cocktail.

The Set of Two Wooden Trays reminds us of something our grandmothers would bring lemonade and cookies out to the porch on, so we naturally had to make sure they were amongst our offerings. Their simplicity makes them perfectly charming.


Your pets are family, too, so they should enjoy some of the same luxuries you do. We understand the need for your pet’s accessories to be functional AND appealing, which is why we’ve found some of the best, most attractive items around.

Your cat’s box needn’t be exposed to the whole room – kitty appreciates privacy, too! The Cat Washroom Bench is a perfect place to place your cat’s box, all while providing an additional seating or storage area on top.

Spoil your pup with the Dog House Treat Box, a colorful package of Emma Doodles wholesome dog treats your furry friend will appreciate for the taste. You can feel good about offering him a nutritious alternative made of the best ingredients, right here in the USA.


We love the full line of Pom Pom’s home accessories, so we offer a wide range of their products. From items for the bedroom, to fun and silly kitchen aprons, you’re sure to enjoy their accessories as much as we do!


Art says a lot about a home’s occupants. We strive to offer a unique selection of paintings and mixed-media art to give your home that special touch.

The Woodland Respite canvases can be hung on their own, or placed side-by-side for a longer panel. The soothing colors make these perfect for any room you want to encourage people to relax and kick back in. 

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