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A Buyer’s Guide to the Luxury Home and Garden Decor

July 06, 2016

The Garden Gates is perhaps the world’s leading store as far as the stocks of luxury home products is concerned. Here, you will find various types, styles, designs and prices of different items. These include furniture, fountains, garden and patio plants, women’s and baby products, items for indoor décor as well as outdoor décor. The following is the ultimate guide for lovers of home luxury.

Women and baby

  • A woman’s wardrobe is never complete without the fitting jewelry for each outfit. Invest in some necklaces, rings, bracelets, cuffs and many other pieces of art. You can find one or two of your desired design and budget. Choose from local designers as well as international artisans.
  • Examples of leading designs of women accessories here are Bellissima, Bella Rose, and La Vie Parisienne among others. While some champagne earrings go for as little as $20, gold necklaces go for as much as $300.
  • If you are looking for the best fragrance to turn heads, discover some colognes, scented candles, and lavender candles that come in different scents. Also, there are dried lavender bunches and room fragrances that turn your bedroom into a luxurious space.
  • Additionally, find more aromatherapy products and place them strategically in your entrance halls, bathrooms and children’s rooms. As these interior spaces are high-traffic areas, it is important to adorn them with the right fragrances.
  • Invest in the Barr Co. hand salve for as little as $10 and the bubble bath elixir from the same company for $31.99. On the other hand, an urn candle from Black Mission goes for $45. These oil diffusers and aroma enhancers continuously add value to your interior spaces.
  • Do you want to gift your loved ones in style? If yes, do it the Golden Gates way. Purchase different designs of holiday stocking stuffers and Christmas presents. You do not have to wait until the holiday sets in. Buy them now and avoid the likelihood of missing out, as these sell out fast during festive seasons.
  • There are numerous holiday themed candles, beautiful jewelry, seasonal cookies and presents designed for family and friends. Whether you want to make simple, friendly exchanges or you, are holding a celebratory party, these gift items will come in handy. If you suspect that distance will keep you away from your loved ones, take advantage of convenient delivery services.
  • Perhaps the cheapest of these is the Gold-dipped Leaf Pine that goes for just $2.99. It is a magnificent piece of art that comes with platinum glitter finishing. If your budget is higher, settle for the large Deer with Fur in Silver that goes for $52.50 or the Prancer Deer in Natural that costs $112.50.
  • Select from a wide range of Christmas trees, Fraser Fir trees, holiday greens, and other themed gifts. These come in different colors, designs, lighting systems, and shapes. While the cheapest costs $355, some trees go for as much as $759. Find adorable mixed decoration wreaths, pinecones, and other pleasantly designed holiday gifts.
  • Let your children dress, sleep and stay in luxurious fashion. You will use baby blankets from the Golden Gates as items of warmth today. A few years down the line, the child will use these as keepsakes. Different design of blankets and crib bedding feature stuffed animal and threadbare fabrics.
  • Apart from the warmth and comfort that they bring, the blankets and bed sheets are eco-friendly, effectively guaranteeing happy upbringing. Leading materials here are cotton, linen, silk and velvet with the cheapest going for $158 while the most expensive go for $399.

Home Furniture

  • If you are looking for luxury furniture for your bedroom, dining room, living room or home office, you have come to the right place. Bed and bedroom furniture is a very important part of your life because you spend the better part of the night on it. For this reason, enhance your sleep, bedroom atmosphere and décor with the most comfortable furniture and accessories.
  • There are perhaps more talented designers and artists at Golden Gates than anywhere else.
  • Invest in stunning bedroom furniture by selecting from luxurious beds, headboards, bedroom benches, accent tables, cabinets, and shelves. There are innumerable designs of curtain tiebacks, dressers, nightstands, daybeds, sleepers, and chests.
  • While an Alaric Bed from Zentique costs $2,963, a Dalton Bed from the same producers goes for $3,237. Also, find a Louis Tufted Headboard or a Maison Tufted Headboard from Zentique for $1,937.
  • Whether you need a king size bed, a twin bed or a queen bed, you will find it here. To creating a lasting style in your most important rooms, discover some cushioned headboards, metal bed frames as well as upholstered bed frames. All these pieces of furniture are designed with painstaking attention to detail to become timeless classics for your comfort and relaxation.
  • To keep your most prized possession from everyone’s view, invest in the most secure yet visually appealing cabinets and shelves. Also, display the finest pieces of china, glasses, crystals and picture frames in tasteful fashion. In general, you will find easy means of displaying the things that you want people to see and concealing those that are very personal.
  • In the living room, bookshelves and cabinets for storing photo albums are ideal. Keep related items in their corner. This arrangement helps you to stay away from clutter and unpleasant sight. Let entertainment items such as DVDs, CDs, toys and video games have their dedicated shelf for safety. Depending on the construction and design of each piece of furniture, cheaper models can go for as little as $850. The most luxurious items can retail for $5400.
  • For many years, the dining room has been the place where family and friend converge for dinner. Make this meeting memorable everyday with stunning dining tables and chairs. There are tastefully finished bar stools, dining benches, upholstered chairs and corresponding accessories for various sitting sets.

Luxury Bedding

  • You spend your relaxation time tucked in the bed. The last thing you want is a lack of comfort occasionally caused by poor quality bedding. Invest in custom-made luxury bedding, pillow shams, curtains, distinctive bed sheets, duvets, and covers. Choose these airy fabrics as you need airy surroundings this coming summer.
  • These materials are made with low-impact procedures to ensure the end user enjoys the calmness that they deserve. Manufacturers use organic sustainable materials to avoid causing trouble for the planet earth. Examples are linen accent pillows, linen Capri bolster and linen Capri Coverlet that cost $158, $194 and $418 respectively.
  • While a simple Bella Notte yardage goes for $84, a duvet cover from the same producer costs $546. When selecting, find the best colors and designs to accentuate your bedroom décor. All of these products boast of the most comfortable fabric materials that are organic. You will not find synthetic products because they may cause abrasion of your skin and harm to the environment.
  • Le your baby or child benefit from luxurious bedding and spend the night peacefully. For this reason, there are numerous varieties of organic linen and cotton manufactured in varying colors and designs. While you may find bluish dust ruffles ideal for boys, pink velvet baby blankets are good for girls. The prices of baby blankets and crib sheet vary from one piece to another.
  • Infuse detail to your interior décor by choosing luxurious curtain collections from The Garden Gates online store. Bella Notte is perhaps the leading brains as far as the manufacture and design of bedroom curtains are concerned. If you want to maintain a fresh new look regularly, invest in some curtains today and interchange them tastefully after a week or so.
  • The unique looks are those where sheer curtain panels are paired with solid colors of bedroom walls. A linen Bella Motte Emma Curtain panel goes for $216 while an embellished curtain panel form the same manufacturer costs $277. Several other designs cost much cheaper than these.
  • Yardage collections at The Garden Gates are manufactured from non-toxic, sustainable materials to ensure not only comfort but also luxury an in your bedrooms. They are products of low-impact dying processes so that they can have a long life in your house. Prices range from $84 to $500 depending on the design, material and application of each piece.

Fountains and Water

  • Fountains introduce an unprecedented class in your compound. Whether it is at the gate or just next to your front door, a fountain makes visitors easy, at home and introduces a welcoming tone. The Campania International M-Series Plated Fountain is manufactured from high-quality cast stone. It features three tiers of rounded surface.
  • You can choose from a number of colors depending on your tastes and preferences. More importantly, invest in one that accentuates the exterior finishing of your house. This one measures 15.25 inches in diameter and is some 9.75 inches high. Simply order your and have it delivered to your doorstep within a week or two.
  • A 4-tiered garden fountain is ideal for creating a friendly ambiance in your garden or home compound. As the water cascades down from the upper basins, it makes pleasant sounds akin to the natural sounds of a stream. A simple Quattro Classic Fountain costs $2,199 while a Renaissance Toscana Pool goes for $9,624.
  • Apart from 4-tiered fountains, you can invest in 3-tiered and 2-tiered ones. These are sold at lower prices as compared to 4-tier fountains. A standalone garden fountain is one which sits in a seclude portion of the garden. It is supposed to conceal undesirable features such as tree stumps and rocks in the background.
  • A private landscape can greatly benefit from the presence of an estate fountain. If you are a homeowner of a large compound, consider creating a water feature in the compound and attract a sizeable number of birds and small animals who come to drink water.
  • The only thing you will be worried about is your toddler straying from their nanny and jumping into the bottom-most basin of the fountain. The Beaufort Fountain from Campania International costs $5,899 while the Beauvais Fountain from the same company goes for $1,089. Make your selection depending on your taste and budget.
  • If you like variety, pair up your garden fountain with other water features – water spitters. These are tasteful brass water features for the garden. These are majorly recreations and carvings of known phenomena such as animals, people, birds and combinations of these.
  • The Belgian Boy is perhaps the most common water spitter. It features the brass sculpture of a boy. As water flow, you would be forgiven to think he is urinating. While this one costs a relatively affordable $500, Bella the Butterfly Girl goes for $2,790.

Indoor décor

  • Your indoor spaces are not complete without some accessories to accentuate the décor. Examples of decorative materials include wallpapers, inspirational wall plaques, accents, decorative bath accents, pom-pom accessories, art pieces, rugs and flooring items. These things increase the special touch to walls, spaces, and surfaces in the entire home.
  • Placing mirrors strategically are easily one of the best ways of accentuating interior spaces. As people admire their faces on the mirrors, let them also marvel at the designs of the mirror frames. Instead of factory-produced mirrors, invest in hand-made varieties from the United States, Middle East, Asia and other parts of the world.
  • Discover high-quality brands of mirrors from leading manufacturers. Examples are DK Living, Currey Company, and Aidan Gray among others. Infuse a decorative mirror in every room-bedroom, dining room, living room, bathroom, hallway and corridors. Have different sizes and shapes for different rooms and achieve stylistic variety.
  • For example, the Contempo Mirror is a stainless steel and silver mirror that is rectangular. It costs $592.50 while the Croix framed mirror is a rounded design that does for $734. The Luna horizontal mirror is priced at $1,492.50. Invest in mirrors that are egg-shaped, spherical as others has tasteful metallic or wooden frames.
  • Decorative accents from The Golden Gates include laundry baskets, pillows, folding screens, books, clocks, console tables, flower vases, pottery items, bowls, moss balls and picture frames. All these items come in various shapes, sizes and designs. A butterfly box, for example, is an ideal interior décor item for a child’s room. It goes for only $21.99.
  • At the same time, select some baskets to decorate both the indoor space and the outdoor area. You could place a unique basket on a tabletop while a different one can sit on a shelf or the floor at a corner. Involve your family to decide what to put in these baskets. Live plants and moss balls are perhaps the best picks.
  • Alternatively, place laundry or some functional decorative items in your baskets strategically. You can rest assured that a decorative basket enhances style and class in your everyday life. After all, these items are always in season.
  • Select basket colors that accentuate the wall against which they stand. A small, simple French Lace basket goes for a $54.99 while a larger one of the same design costs $89.99. An iron basket made of five racks costs $572.50.
  • Lights and lighting accessories are always a good way to enhance the look of interior spaces. Exterior fixtures could also benefit from the same. For this reason, purchase different lighting structures such as floor lamps, candlesticks, chandeliers, table lamps and wall sconces among others.
  • The Garden Gates stocks numerous designs, shapes, and sizes of lighting fixtures. You can take advantage of the existence of these to make a bold expression on your entrance hall, living room, and dining room. In fact, all rooms in your house can benefit from a lighting fixture that accentuates its interior design. Watch as these lighting items transform your décor from plain to contemporary.
  • A six light Omega, Chandelier by Cyan Design, goes for $607.0 while the same design of a 6-light Maison Chandelier goes for $790. The cost of a Zentique rectangular fixture for the dining room that has three lights or tiers ranges from $1,100 to $1,300. The cost of individual appliances depends on the design and number of lights that it has.
  • Sugarboo designs can come in different fashions for accentuating interior décor. Examples are ceramics, signs, pillows and blankets, photo boxes, accessories, gifts, prints, frames, post cards and notecards. You will not go wrong if you pick any of these at The Garden Gates.

Outdoor décor

  • Before visitors set foot in your house, they first come across your external spaces. This includes things like the garden, portico, entrance, and pavement. It does not make sense having a beautiful interior while the exterior is rugged and parched. Therefore, purchase some outdoor décor items and transform the look of your external spaces. After all, many people like to spend time on the porch and balcony especially in summer.
  • Do you want to attract birds to your surroundings? Invest in some birdbaths and let them drink water from your home as they bath in the hot afternoon sun. You could also enjoy their chirping sounds as they fly around.
  • Most of these products are cast in stone for durability. Campania International is perhaps the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality birdbaths. Invest in those with great patinas and finishing, as they look most attractive in your garden.
  • You will marvel at the great addition that a birdbath introduces to your landscaping. They increase the natural therapy of sprawling gardens, hidden lawns, walkways, patios, and pavements.
  • The Campania International Beauvoir Birdbath is perhaps the cheapest in its category as it goes for $74. On the other hand, a Barrington Birdbath from Henri Studio retails at $549.99. You can find other similar items for this price range.
  • Garden benches and tables are not only ideal to highlight a plain lawn, but they are also ideal for people to sit on as they bask in the summer’s sunshine. Make a bold statement of taste by selecting different tables and benches with different heights, finishing, and designs.
  • The Banyan variety of pedestals and Hi-tops come in different sets-three pairs and six pairs. Choose between these depending on the number of people that you expect to sit outside at any given time. You can find a simple design for as little as $300 and high-end designs that go for $2,600. The prices of others fall within this range.
  • Garden statues are great pieces of art meant for enthralling children and adult visitors alike. Children often like to play in the open spaces of the garden and courtyards. Place numerous statues in the garden and let them learn the science of their surroundings as they play. Large insects, plants, and animals in the garden are examples of such stunning beauties.
  • Discover some enthralling structures such as ancient fairies and gargoyles. If you are a religious person, purchase several religious statues and adorn your garden with these. You can also find statues of political and national heroes. As they play, let your children state the names of the people that each statue represents.
  • An Amelia garden statue is perhaps the most affordable, retailing at only $39.99. A mythical Dragon garden statue, on the other hand, costs $589.99. The prices of other statues including roosters, gnomes, acorns and others range from these figures. Invest in wooden cast iron and other pedestals from Longwood Collection, Newport Mansions Collections, Pacifica Collection, Smithsonian Collection, and Williamsburg Collection among others.
  • The Golden Gates collection of outdoor décor items has an unrivaled number of box planters to make the entire outdoor space glamorous. Campania International is a leading manufacturer of these. These cost anything between $500 and $1,100.
  • Other items in this category include a collection of garden terrace-themed containers, flower urns, window boxes and flower vases. They come in different designs- earthen, ceramic, stone and clay construction.


  • While the garden is perhaps the most accessed outdoor area but could bring out the most of a home’s landscaping. The sights and sounds in the garden determine if the home is serene or bustles with activity. For this reason, discover some garden items, tools, and equipment from the leading supplier-The Golden Gates.
  • Golden accents include birdfeeders, arbors, cupolas, flagpoles, doormats, rain chains, lighting poles, flower baskets and address signs. Others in this category are mailboxes, outdoor lighting fixtures, clocks and mock thermometers. Fireplaces, weather vanes, and solar posts could also add the allure of a garden.
  • Arbors and pergolas are decorative additions to a home, as they accentuate patios, scenic places, entrances, walkways and other outdoor spaces. These look especially stunning when green plants such as twining vines and flowers grow over them. Enhance the attributes of your house by having a corresponding arbor outside.
  • A simple 5-inch transition PVC arbor can cost as little as $34 while a large gazebo from Henri Studio can go for as much as $21,427.99. You can find other gazebos, arbors, and pergolas for any price range.
  • Birdfeeders and hummingbird feeders are not only for attracting birds with food. They also create visual beauty in your backyard, patio or deck. Let wild birds such as the hummingbird come to your home.
  • The natural beauty that they bring is a welcome addition. As you live, work, study and sleep, you will enjoy the beautiful sounds and sights. A simple bouquet Basketweave Hummingbird Feeder goes for as little as $45 while a 12-piece Assortment from Whitehall Products is sold at $648.
  • A cupola is a dome on top of a larger one or one that adorns a roof. The cupolas that you will find at The Golden Gardens are not only useful in the residential place, but also for businesses and other outdoor structures. Since they last long across all seasons, they are a permanent addition to external beauty.
  • Each of these designs has a protective copper rooftop and has slates that guarantee ventilation into your structure. Different designs have weather vane attributes that help you to determine the direction and intensity of the wind. The range of these products is $300-$900.
  • Show your patriotism by erecting a flagpole at the entrance of your home. There are collections with different themed topes- bald eagle, gold, bronze, and pewter. You will not have to incur time or resource in maintaining the flagpole, as it boasts of a rust-less cast aluminum construction and is painted tastefully to keep off UV rays.
  • Also, invest in garden tools, equipment, and supplies. It does not matter how small or big your garden and backyard is- it will need special care and maintenance. In this regard, you will need to purchase plant pen markers, stakes, lawn tools, sieves, moisture meters, hand tools and many others.
  • Others are plant supports, garden sprayers, fertilizers, basket liners, composting tools, rakes, rain barrels, propagation, and protection equipment. The prices here range, with the lowest being $20 while the highest is $150.
  • Patio
  • In good weather, many people like to spend time outdoors and savor the warm sunshine. Line up some patio seats and tables and let your family and visitors have lunch in the sunshine. You can find amazingly different styles and designs of French patio furniture including tables, chairs and garden furniture at The Golden Gates.
  • As you seek to add luxury to your family’s lifestyle, select seats, and tables from different colors. An example is the Luxembourg Sacking Chair from Fermob Bistro that goes for $350. A side table/bar cart from the same manufacturer costs $950.
  • Accessorize your patio with wall plaques, finials, pottery risers and stepping-stones. If you are a fan of outside cooking, include grilling sets in the arrangement as well. A simple pineapple shaped finial from Campania International costs $69 while a complex one can which is basket themed can go for as much as $589.99.
  • Outdoor accessories for the patio include an outdoor swing set. Let your children have fun as they bask in the sun while swinging leisurely. Adults can participate in the fun too. Also, invest in garden tiki torches that resemble the torches used by ancient communities.
  • Install a hammock as well and spend time there with a loved one or while reading a book. Additional accessories include outdoor rugs, outdoor patio umbrellas and outdoor cushions for seats and chairs. Wind chimes, wall plaques, and trellises all have a place in your patio.


  • Most of the above items are non-living matter. You can add the allure of your home with living matter-plants and flowers. Consider having annual plants for the different seasons. If you do not know how to plant one, let an expert from The Golden Gates plant it for you.
  • Examples of these are snapdragons, petunias, begonias, caladiums, impatiens and other seasonal flowers. The White Dreams Petunia retails at $35.99. Purchase these plants with the containers in which you intend them to grow. Find different designs and sizes at affordable prices.
  • The boxwood is an ideal species of plant for your home. This is because of its versatility of thriving across different seasons. It adds an exquisite element of homeliness when it sits at a corner in your house. You can buy this in form of topiaries, wreaths, garlands and balls. You only need to water it a few times in a week. Otherwise, it needs little or no maintenance.
  • A round wreath costs $29 while a sizeable square pot goes for $117. An extra large cone of boxwood goes for $521.99. Whichever design you settle for, you can rest assured that it would adorn your interior and outdoor spaces gracefully.
  • If you are looking for a floral centerpiece, an exquisite arrangement or a gift idea, consider using the double spiked species of white orchids. Any home will find the flowers spectacular. You can buy a simple one at $60.
  • The ivy topiary is another plant species that adds the value and luxury of interior spaces. Choose between the different varieties- live double, decorative, cone, wreath and ball. Place these tastefully in various corners inside and outside of the house.
  • All ivies are ideal for all seasons-Christmas, holidays and Easter among others. For this reason, maintain them properly by watering and pruning them regularly. A simple 6.5-inch olive tree goes for $49.99.

At the Garden Gates, we have e always believed that quality far outstrips quantity.We always try to match up with your needs, and over the years, our experts have worked tirelessly towards enhancing your choices. Reach out to us now and together we shall find something that works for your budget as well as specific sets of needs, habits,hobbies s, and preferences.

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