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7 Outdoor Patio Furniture Staples to Add to Your Living Quarters This Year

February 08, 2019

Although many of you are enduring harsh cold temperatures, snow, and icy winds in the midst of winter, before we all know it, spring will be knocking at our backdoors. It will be time to thaw, open up the windows, and go outside again, cherishing our all-weather patio furniture that was able to make it through another winter. 

As humans, there is something special about the outdoors to us; for many, it nourishes our souls, helping us to feel in balance with Mother Nature again once we are able to listen to the birds and feel the breeze to our backs. That’s why outdoor patio furniture is a keepsake staple for any home – it enables you to drift off with nature while still enjoying the comfort and convenience of strategically designed furniture pieces.

If you’re dreaming of sitting out on your patio this summer, or you live somewhere that’s summer year-round, here are our top 7 outdoor patio furniture staples to add to your layout for 2019:

  1. Chaise Lounge Chairs:

Be honest, last summer when the sun came out, you felt like you had to immediately get in the car and go to a pool or lake, right? Well with chaise lounge chairs, you can actually have your own tropical enclave right in your backyard. Many lounge chairs don’t have to be shaped like chaises if you don’t want that style – you can consider a more rounded furniture piece that doubles as a perfect relaxation spot, as well as the perfect party-hosting staple for people wishing to sit together. 

And, if you’re tired of the frame-and-cushion look, we carry items like entirely wood, curved chaises that appear to be some kind of artistic statement right in your backyard.

Cardiff Two Piece Daybed by Sunset West

  1. Outdoor Rugs:

Why would you simply stop with furniture, and not consider the rug beneath the furniture pieces? Much like you accessorize your home with carpets and rugs, the outdoors is the same kind of deal. You would be amazed at how versatile outdoor rugs can be, helping you to cover up everything from rusting metal to corroding wooden panels that are just too old to look good anymore.

Plus, these rugs are designed with durability in mind, so they are much easier to clean and beat as you see fit. It’s an easy way to keep messes and spills from staining your wooden patio.

  1. Hanging Baskets:

Besides considering plants, and other obvious inhabitants for hanging baskets throughout your backyard, consider using these staples as an easy way to assist in outdoor entertainment. Baskets are a great way to hide string lights and other accessories that are hard to keep hidden when it’s time to host a party.

Of course, nothing is more beautiful than blooming flowers, dangling right above your outdoor furniture. Consider mixing it up this summer and color coordinating your flowers, even doing some kind of rainbow display that starts with red and ends with a purple flower hanging basket after you’ve done a circle around your patio.

  1. Outdoor Hammocks:

If you feel like your patio is small, or you want to extend the feeling of your backyard space, hanging hammocks or positioning them strategically off the patio is a great way to stretch out the accessible space for guests and party attendees. Not to mention, what is more relaxing than grabbing a book, sitting back in a hammock, and reading until you fall asleep?

Plus, hammocks just lend themselves to a classic, Americana-style photography, making them a perfect accessory for any kind of photo or media that is captured in your backyard.

Pawleys Island Large Quilted Hammock

  1. Fire Pits: 

What’s more versatile than a fire pit? It’s one of the few outdoor accessories that can be used year round, providing warmth and comfort no matter the temperature out. Not to mention, the fire smoke keeps pests and bugs at bay, so you can drift off and really enjoy the crackling sound of the wood and smoke.

Fire pits are also an excellent party hosting feature if you are looking for something to serve as the focal point so there are no “awkward” moments. Not to mention, with the increasing popularity of Instagram, fire pits are 2019 must-have, especially if you have children of any age.

Good Directions Large Copper Fire Pit

  1. Sundials:

Sundials are making a comeback in 2019 in a big way, adding an element of classical effortlessness to your outdoor design. As we are seeing more of a resistance to the widespread adoption of technology in our everyday lives, many outdoor designers are incorporating sundials into their finished presentation, as a reminder of the simplicity of time and the position of the sun in space.

Sundials are also a great time-telling tool if you are out in the garden and don’t have any easy way to check the time.

Perpetual Sundial by Whitehall

  1. Wind Chimes:

Lastly, if you do not have any kind of sound system or speakers in place, sometimes, the simplicity of wind chimes can be all you need to really enjoy a moment of peace and harmony outside. Not to mention, wind chimes are a cute accent you can add to any kind of patio and outdoor furniture theme, providing contrast and texture to the overall appearance. Who doesn’t like to hear wind chimes gently clanging together in the distance on a summer morning?

Music of the Spheres Hawaiian Mezzo Wind Chime



The Garden Gates

Here at the Garden Gates, we take our production and development of all-weather patio furniture and accessories seriously, which is why we include dozens of options for you to consider. From wind chimes and fire pits to all weather rattan patio sets that are durable in design and elegant in appearance, we want you to have the outdoor patio set-up that you desire – but more importantly, that you deserve. Consider adding these 7 patio staples to your outdoor enclave this summer, and let us know what you think below!

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