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6 Best Lighting Fixtures for the Home

August 12, 2016

Lighting is perhaps the absolute most important element of a room’s design and presentation. Without the right lighting, a space that is otherwise beautifully put together can feel harsh and uninviting, or dark and slightly depressing. Using a variety of lights in your space will provide the perfect level of illumination. It is also important to remember to highlight those areas of your space you'd like to bring attention to, whether through strategically-placed pendant lighting or a small lamp. This is why it’s key to find the perfect lighting fixtures for your room and its personality. 


The Garden Gates recognizes the importance of the right lighting for a living space, whether it’s a sleepy boudoir or a lively family room. We have brought together some of the highest quality, most attractive lighting available, making it possible for you to find just the fixture you’re looking for. 


Adding sophistication or romance to space is only a pair of candlesticks away! Once a staple of the non-electric household, they have still not lost their place in the modern household. Elegant or rustic, a pair of candlesticks brings a certain ambiance only the light cast by fire can offer. Whether you’re looking for a pair of crystal candlesticks to adorn your formal dining table or a handful of metal beauties for your mantel, you can find them here at The Garden Gates. Browse our wide selection of carefully chosen candlesticks and candelabras for the perfect accent to your room.

As we’re sure you’ve noticed, we’re not afraid of a little glitz and opulence when it comes to home décor. This is further evidenced by our Crystal 3-Arm Candelabra. Carefully crafted of clear, flawless crystal, this 9-candle candelabra will bring your formal lighting to a new level. We’ve found it looks equally beautiful with hand-dipped or precision-moulded tapers, depending on the mood you’re trying to convey. For other crystal candle holders, please see our vast selection in classic to edgy modern pieces.

For a taste of the rustic, you can’t beat our Iron 8-Candle Sconce, its chippy, charming white finish showing the iron beneath. These look fantastic in the dining room, wide hallways or a pair flanking a mantle. The possibilities are endless. If you don’t have the right wall space for a sconce, you’re in luck. We offer this same configuration, but in the Iron 8-Candle Holder, its secure base allowing it to sit on any solid surface. We love pairing this piece with red beeswax tapers, offsetting the vintage finish beautifully.


Lighting suspended from the ceiling is the most advantageous in most spaces, in that it casts light evenly throughout the room from above, illuminating those awkward corners and other spaces that would otherwise go unlit. It also brings light upward into areas with vaulted ceilings, one of the most difficult areas of a home to light properly.

Chandeliers have seen an interesting progression, from candlelit to gas to modern electric bulbs. Despite the changes in how light is created, one thing has remained constant – the use of chandeliers to create the perfect lighting in any room. 


The Garden Gates offers chandeliers that run the gamut from primitive to urbane. We offer pieces that combine interesting and unexpected materials, or more classic crystal and metal. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to love the way it casts the perfect light in your space.

French Country Chandeliers – The French have their finger on the pulse of style, whether country or elegant. Using materials ranging from metal and wood to glass and crystal, the options are wide and varied. Through thorough searching, we’ve gathered together some of the finest French Country chandeliers for your home. 

We couldn’t resist when we found the 6-Light Maison Island Light. Perfect for the breakfast counter in your kitchen, or lighting the length of your dining table, this piece is wonderful to bring some French Country Chic to your kitchen or dining room. We’ve even seen this particular light used over the door in a short entryway. 

If you’re looking for something a little more rough-hewn, consider the Iron 3-Light Julian Pendant. Its bold iron structure and orb-like construction allow it to blend perfectly into the most rustic of rooms, or hold its own in a more modern setting. 

Jeweled Chandeliers – The grace and elegance of yesteryear have found its place in today’s modern and classic home homes through beautiful chandeliers that give a nod to the old days. From sparkling crystal to more subtle stone, we have brought together a fine collection of fantastic chandeliers to fit your home’s lighting needs. 

We are particularly in love with the Chanteuse Chandelier by Currey & Company. Multiple strands of frosted crystal beads in graduated sizes adorn the simple, elegant shape of the Chanteuse. The silver granola bands supporting the crystals contrast beautifully, their subtle finish allowing them to blend in and let the chandelier stand out as a whole. The wonderful thing about this chandelier is that it works well with many different styles, due to its simple, elegant shape. 

On the other hand, if you’re seeking a lot of sparkle in a little package, you can’t go wrong with the Swedish Chandelier. Dripping with gorgeous cut crystal, this little gem will brighten up any room, refracting the light like so many thousands of diamonds. It works wonderfully in a bedroom or over a dining table. We are particularly fond of these for long, narrow spaces in multiples, such as entryways with vaulted ceilings. 

Other Chandeliers – we also offer many other styles of chandelier lighting, including modern and rustic designs. 

One of our favorites hung in multiples over the Abner Dining Table is the Cage Light 10x10. It’s slightly industrial feel contrasts beautifully with the patterns of light it throws around the room. Although technically pendants, these lights are wonderful where a single chandelier isn’t feasible.

If you’re looking for a primitive, country feel, you’ll find it with the Bloomy 11-lt. Chandelier, with its tin-look flowers, reminiscent of the beautiful tinwork that can still be found in Mexican folk art markets. 


Perhaps one of the oldest lighting fixtures known to man, the wall sconce is descendent of the torch. In ancient castles and homes, torches were lit and lined walls, held in place by specially made brackets. This allowed for light to be cast about the room more efficiently than a central candelabra. Although we’ve long since abandoned the need for torches, our penchant for placing light sources on walls has only grown. With so many different styles, from Art Deco sophistication to farmhouse chic, there is a style appropriate for every home. The Garden Gates has made great efforts to source only the best wall sconces available, expanding your lighting options.

Perhaps one of the most elegant light fixtures we offer, the Glacier Wall Sconce will make you feel as though you are walking into a luxury suite at the Ritz Carlton. Its geometric frosted glass shade contrasts perfectly with the aged satin finish of the frame and backplate. These look equally at home in a bedroom, hallway or flanking a bathroom mirror.

If you’re looking for something a little more rustic, the Somerset Bracket Light series will surely delight you. Available in one, two and three-light versions, the options will allow you to complete an entire room with these fantastic lights. They can be used in the bathroom, bedroom, den; anywhere you want to add a bit of light and visual interest to your room. We especially love the primitive glass shades; they’re reminiscent of the beautiful handmade glass that comes from Mexico.


There is perhaps nothing quite as versatile as the table lamp. With endless configurations and styles, it seems there is a table lamp that is perfect for every surface in the home. From unobtrusive desk lamps to large table lamps that are works of art unto themselves, you should have no problem finding just the lamp you’re looking for. 

The Garden Gates vast collection of table lamps and lighting includes materials such as pottery, glass, and metal, with every configuration you might imagine. Browse our extensive line for the right lamp for your space.

For a warm and cozy living room, we love the 8149 Green Pottery Lamp. Its rich color and simple, appealing shape make it perfect for casual living. It pairs well with most neutrals, and its fairly tall stature allows it to throw a generous amount of light. We’ve also seen these used in pairs on buffets, setting on either side of a large, rustic wall mirror. The effect was stunning!

If glitz and glamor are more your speed, you’ll adore our Aria Table Lamp. The mercury glass shimmer they give off is mesmerizing, and the fluted texture of the stacked balls gives it a sophisticated air. Choose a shade in either white or natural to fit in with your décor. As an aside, these also look great in a shabby-chic setting. 

We also can’t help mentioning the Alabaster Frond Lamp with its symmetrically-placed leaves. This classic lamp looks lovely in a more traditional bedroom, or can punch up a tropical plantation decorating scheme effortlessly. 


We can’t help but love floor lamps for their versatility. With hundreds of different configurations, from traditional to downright space-age, floor lamps offer unique lighting options, whether it be in the central area of a living room, or tucked into a corner with a cozy reading chair. 

For the ultimate man cave, the Automotive Industrial Floor Lamp will rev up your masculine hideaway. Its metal construction and unique design have an edgy, tough-guy air, while the clean lines give it a linear footprint to save precious floor space. 

On the other end of the spectrum, we offer you the ultra-feminine Savona Floor Lamp, with a soft, antiqued gold finish and graceful lines. Its rather delicate appearance makes it perfect for any room that needs some elegance and refinement, without being overbearing. 

We cannot forget (or resist!) mentioning the ultra-primitive Puricatione Caotico Floor Lamp. This incredible lamp looks as though it has grown straight from the floor and been weather-aged right in place. The natural, deep brown wood almost glows under the downcast light funneled around it by the shade. A perfect piece when you want to bring the elements of the natural world indoors. It is especially charming on a western ranch or cowboy-themed home, with its fence post appearance. 


If you haven’t been introduced to Ro Sham Beaux’s unique and beautiful lighting fixtures, there is no time like the present! Based in Charleston, South Carolina, designer Ann Yancy has created a line of incredibly unique lighting fixtures incorporating unlikely pairings like cut glass and hemp-wrapped frames. Oval shapes play a large part in many of the designs, allowing them to blend in with a multitude of genres. 

Using soft, elegant colors and beautifully textured metals, Ro Sham Beaux creates exquisite lighting for homes and commercial buildings alike. Their attention to detail can be seen in every part of these lights, from the way the beads are carefully strung to the finishing touches on the metal frames. Whether you’re looking for a light for your dining room or powder room, you can find it with Ro Sham Beaux.

We recently noted a Ro Sham Beaux Malibu 18IN Chandelier with Turquoise Jade Beads being used in a Moroccan restaurant. Despite its generally western appearance, this piece blended in beautifully with all of the other rich colors and textures that had been incorporated into the restaurant’s design. 

On a softer note, we regularly suggest these lights in all of their various colors to add a little glam to powder rooms. The draping beads are somewhat reminiscent of the opulent fixtures and clothing found in 1920’s and 1930’s designs. We love the gentle light they cast, making the surroundings glow. 


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