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5 Types of Asian Statues Everyone Should Have in Their Garden

March 18, 2019

If you want something that’s a step above the average green space, you should consider creating an Asian-inspired garden. It should be complete with bamboo, flowering cherry blossoms, juniper, and lots of Asian statues. Imaging yourself retreating into a Zen-like state-of-mind every time you walk through your yard. Here are five types of Asian statues from the Garden Gates that you’ll love! Any of these statues will beautifully complement your Asian-inspired garden.

Buddha Statues

Buddha Statues

Many people find solace in keeping a Buddha statue nearby, whether they consider themselves religious or not. The Garden Gates offers a variety of options for Buddha statues. We have the classic seated, meditating Buddha and the simple Buddha head. If you want something more whimsical, we offer laughing Buddha statues. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to increase the feeling of serenity in your garden.

Pagoda Statues

Pagoda Statues

With the pagoda statues from the Garden Gates, you’ll feel like you have a piece of East Asia in your own backyard. You can get a pagoda statue like the Campania International Antique Pagoda that only weighs 25 pounds or a larger version such as the Campania International Bamboo Pagoda that weighs nearly 100 pounds. Our smallest pagoda is the Campania International Mini Pagoda, which only weighs 15 pounds. No matter what size your garden is, you’ll be able to find a pagoda that fits well.

Dragon Statues

Dragon Statues

The dragon is significant in East Asian culture. They are symbols of good fortune and strength. Purchase a Dragon Small by Campania International from the Garden Gates to protect your garden. These statues are available in 12 eye-catching colors, so you’re sure to find a statue that will make the ideal accent for any combinations of plants.

Stone Lantern Statues

Campania International Atsumi Lantern

Paper lanterns are an old symbol in Chinese and Japanese cultures. They’re used on special occasions to signify joy and celebration. The lanterns from the Garden Gates carry the same amount of symbolism and tradition but with the durability of stone. There’s no need to worry about your lantern statue getting damaged by the wind or bad weather—they are very sturdy and can handle years of wear. If you want to add some more character to your Asian-themed landscaping, the Campania International Naka Lantern, Campania International Katsura Lantern, or any of the other lantern options from the Garden Gates will spruce up your yard nicely.

Foo Dog Statues

Campania International Small Temple Foo Dog

The foo dog is another important symbol in Chinese culture. These mythical creatures are guardians that symbolize success and prosperity. Add one to your garden to have your very own guardian. The Garden Gates sells both left-facing and right-facing statues of different sizes, so you can find the very best option for your garden.

Any of these Asian statues would be a great option for creating your very own Zen garden. They’re unique, durable, and stylish! Don’t pass up the opportunity to get a high-quality Asian statue from the Garden Gates. Start browsing our extensive collection and order yours today!

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