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3 Reasons Why Fiberglass Planters are Perfect for Ornamental Plants

August 02, 2016

Why You Should Choose Fiberglass Planters For Ornamental Plants

There are varieties of choices available for planters to be used at home and in public spaces. One of the most enjoyed and preferred materials are fiberglass. Fiberglass planters are available in a range of shapes ranging from spherical and rounded to rectangular and square shapes. Fiberglass planters are preferred because of several reasons including:


Lightweight And Resilient

Planters used indoors, have to be moved at times to accommodate events, re-decorating, cleaning crews, or gatherings. That’s why it’s crucial to choose indoors planters that are lightweight and at the same time large enough to accommodate bigger plant specimens. Fiberglass planters are not only robust but lighter than their natural stone equals. They’re ideal for interior capping projects.

Here are five lightweight fiberglass planters that you can use indoors

  • Capital Garden Citadel Planters- Ideal for patios, garden spaces, and rooftop terraces.
  • Capital Gardens Geo Cube Planter Small- they can be placed both indoors or outside. They are lightweight and durable.
  • Capital Gardens Geo Tapered Small Square Planter- they are versatile and can be used outside and inside the building. There are available in different sizes.
  • Capital Gardens Ivy Pots- they are available in different sizes and can be used in doorways, corridors and indoors.
  • Capital Gardens Mediterranean One Pot- this pot is lightweight and can be used comfortably for indoor planting.

Refined Finish

The triple layers of paint applied to them add a stylish finish that not only adds to the sturdiness of the planters but also ensures their stylish stature both outside and inside of the buildings. The only concern with synthetic materials is that they can seem “cheap”, but the finish makes these large planters look ideal at home with other industrial design materials.

The moderately neutral colors of the finish also let the plants and trees in the pots shine, rather than stealing the show from the plant beauty. What’s the point of coming up with lovely works of art that overshadow the plants planted in them? People should notice the plant, not the container. While the design of the Life on Plum fiberglass planters is exquisite and sleek, it won’t take the center stage above everything around it. This makes our fiberglass planters ideal for virtually very landscape design.

Here are top four fiberglass pots that have refined finish

  • Capital Gardens Hampton Fountain- it is an attractive addition to a courtyard because of the moderate and cool charcoal color.
  • Capital Gardens Grecian Urn- its design has borrowed much from Greek, and it adds variety and uniqueness to any courtyard because of its Faux Lead color.
  • Capital Gardens Geo Sphere Planters- they are decorative accessories that can make all the difference because of the shape and deep color.
  • Capital Gardens Geo Medium Trough- their sleek color and lightweight nature make them an ideal option for both outdoor and indoor plants.


Fiberglass planters are made from top-notch woven glass fiber that has been finished with a stylish matt charcoal-colored industrial paint that is UV resistant. The Class A industrial paint finish ensures that the color of the fiberglass planter does not fade or degrade in the sun. The paint also serves to protect the pots from cracking due to excessive exposure to UV rays. Besides being durable, these fiberglass planters are sturdy enough to hold large shrubs and trees (both outdoors and indoors) at home and in public places.

Virtually all the fiberglass planters and pots in our store are durable and sturdy. Some of the tested pots that can last for extended period include:

  • Capital Gardens Geo Medium Trough
  • Capital Gardens Large Fluted Garden Pedestal
  • Capital Gardens Mediterranean Four Pot


All the above fiberglass planters are made in modernized designs that have borrowed from traditional designs such as the Greek and Indian designs. You can visit online to see more fiberglass planters.

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