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Which Lavender is Best?

The Difference in Dried Loose or Bunched Lavender

Dried lavender is a traditional household element that can be used for the bath, in the kitchen and as home decor. Fragrant dried lavender comes in two forms.

Ivy Topiaries Delivered Fresh

Decorating with Live Ivy Topiaries

Fresh ivy topiaries are shipped fresh and quickly to your home or business to instantly add a living element to the decor. Ivy topiaries come in many forms to create almost any look desired quickly, easily and attractively.

Choosing the Right Chandelier

Custom Lighting and Chadeliers for Home Decor

Choosing home lighting can be daunting with all the options out there. That’s why we like Ro Sham Beaux so much. This expert lighting company has a great selection of core lighting designs - the fun begins with all the custom features to consider.

Shopping for Custom Furniture

Choose the Right Custom Furniture

Adding custom furniture to your home decor is a wise investment that will create a beautiful style for years to come. The process can be intimidating, especially for those not familiar with the process.

Understanding Garden Accents

Different Types of Garden Accents

The many types of garden accents in cast stone will help you create a beautiful outdoor living space and outdoor decor. 

The Guide to Garden Pedestals

Outdoor Accessories to your Landscaping & Decor

Casts stone garden pedestals made by Campania International come in a variety of colors and finishes to complement your outdoor decor and other garden planters, statues or urns. 

The Garden Gates Unveils User-Friendly Website Design

Customers Drive New Web Interface

The Garden Gates’ website began as a concept to complement a local retail store and quickly grew into a hub of indoor and outdoor decor. Over the past four years and tens of thousands of man hours, The Garden Gates has been working to make the website not just a functional space but also a beautiful place to “window shop” online, gather inspiration and create a lifestyle. Having been through a number of versions, we are constantly trying to find the best layout and features for customers.  In a cluttered online marketplace, we have got to stand out and be the best experience.

Christmas Trees in New Orleans

The Back Story

What started out as a solution for Chad Harris, cofounder of, to never touch a Christmas Tree again, turned into a holiday tradition for many in New Orleans.   Chad was working late, one holiday season, and Beth Harris, his wife, called and told him it was time to come home.  When he arrive home, he was greeted by a massive Christmas tree tied to the roof of their SUV.  His sons, Aiden and Ashton were waiting at the door, begging for him to bring the tree inside.  Chad carried the tree inside, put it in a stand, began stringing lights and hanging the ornaments with Beth.  As everyone fell fast asleep that evening, there was a crash.  Chad thought that someone was breaking in the house. Beth had thought that one of the boys fell out of their bed.  It wasn’t until the two of them stood in the foyer of their home, looking at all the broken ornaments on the floor, that they realize the noise was from the Christmas tree which had fallen over.  In anger, Chad said to Beth, “ I won’t ever touch a Christmas Tree again.” What Beth didn’t realize was in that exact moment, in the foyer of their home, was when the idea was born.  Christmas Trees Delivered.

Interior Designer Expert in New Orleans

Interior Design

Searching for an New Orleans Interior Design Experts, and you will be left struggling to decide which website to click.  If you are not great at searching for the right interior design expert, you will be left frustrated.

Top Interior Designers New Orleans

Beth Harris 

New Orleans architecture lives and breathes along the oak lined streets of the Garden District and Uptown New Orleans. These beautiful century old homes are filled with treasures creating beautiful interior design that resemble their owners.  Many of these homeowners use some of the top interior designers in New Orleans to transform their personal style and home decor.