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Haxnicks Original Victorian Bell-Set of 3

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Haxnicks Original Victorian Bell - Set of 3 - with Vent (13" diameter x 10" high)

Protects plants from frost, wind, slugs, birds and pests. Perfect for warming soil prior to sowing seeds and planting out. Encourages healthy and stable growth and captures maximum sunshine. The perfect season extender. Made of blow-molded plastic. Anchoring pins not included. Condition: New

Weight : 3.00 LBS
Height : 10.00 IN
Width : 13.00 IN
Length : 13.00 IN


Propagating and protecting your garden, especially herb or vegetable, is crucial to its survival. Haxnicks is the best when it comes to tunnels and bell jars to keep your plants safe from pests, weather and more. They offer a few choices in materials and weights for protective measures. Items from Haxnicks normally ship in 3-5 business days.

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