Hot House Garden Pots by Guy Wolff
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Hot House Garden Pots by Guy Wolff

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Hot House Garden Pots by Guy Wolff

In Victorian England, local potters made terra cotta pots in large quantities for the conservatories or greenhouses of local estates. These pots probably cost pennies a piece, because each greenhouse needed to be stocked with thousands of pots; used to start, propagate and winterover their plants. The Guy Wolff Greenhouse Collection reproduces the simple and functional qualities of the 19th century greenhouse pots as well as their value in price to you. 

Guy Wolff always wanted to make a line of pots that was easy enough on the pocketbook that one could "Fill a Green House with them" - traditional in form and in beautiful proportions - to answer many gardening needs. He has succeeded, and we present them to you here.

These unique pots have a soft green and brown finish and are simply adorned with circles and laurel leaves around the top.

You truly could fill a green house with these pots. Now the only question is which plants to fill these gorgeous pots with!

The medium and large are on back order until September.

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