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Garden Trellise and Privacy Screens

Garden trellises and privacy screens from The Garden Gates are easy to install for years of beauty and enjoyment as vines and plants use them for growth and height. The Garden Gates' decorative trellises provide a natural solution to create privacy near windows, property lines or outdoor sitting areas that you wish to keep private. Install The Garden Gates' garden trellises anywhere outside for an elegant addition to your garden. Wall trellises and garden structures are a classic and time honored look for gardens and yards. Let a vine take to these decorative trellises for an interesting and traditional garden decoration. 


Trellis Planters and Wall Trellises

The Garden Gates' trellis planters and wall trellises are a great way to show off your garden and incorporate a new element into the yard that provides both privacy and a means for growing certain vines and plants. The Garden Gates also sells trellis netting for vegetable gardens and special projects. Garden trellises and trellis netting are ideal for growing vine crops throughout the year or as seasonally available. The Garden Gates' team of landscaping professionals can advise you on which plants and vines will grow best on your wall trellis or trellis netting. The Garden Gates' expert designers and architects can also advise you on the correct placement of decorative trellises for optimum growing conditions. 


Decorative Trellises and Garden Structures

The Garden Gates' decorative trellises and garden structures will allow you to create privacy screens that are beautiful to look at but not easy to look through. Our trellis designs are contracted of high-quality vinyls, making them strong and durable for years of use and enjoyment. Because of our decorative trellises' ability to withstand the elements, they are low maintenance for healthy plants to grow liberally and thrive. These weather resistant wall trellises will not rot as traditional wooden trellises will over time, and they can handle heavy and robust plant growth over time. Try any of The Garden Gates' decorative trellises and garden structures for an attractive and useful addition to your garden or yard. 


Trellis Designs and Garden Wall Trellis

Trellis designs and garden wall trellises from The Garden Gates are great to use as dividers in the garden, structures for growing plants against the outside of the house, and natural privacy screens. Try the Kensington planter box and trellis for a beautiful addition to a patio or deck. Plant your favorite flowers in the planter box and a beautiful vine like an English ivy to grow up the trellis for a double effect. The Kensington planter box and trellis will look stunning on either side of a garden entrance, between windows or doors on a deck or patio, or placed around any outdoor area for color and privacy. The Kensington planter box and trellis also makes a magnificent housewarming present for anyone. 


Trellis for Privacy and Garden Trellis Planters

The Garden Gates' expert team of landscape designers and architects understand the importance of garden decor and accessories as well as a well constructed landscape. Decorative trellises and garden structures add an ambiance that plants alone cannot add to an outdoor area. Call to speak with one of our professionals for the best advice on selecting a wall trellis or trellis planter and the best types of plants to use with them. They can also assist you with the right placement of a garden trellis in your garden or yard for maximum privacy and enjoyment. 

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