The Garden Gates' landscape designers work closely with all of their landscaping customers to incorporate interesting and different aspect of nature into their landscape designs. Whether you are looking for exotic palm trees and pine trees or genteel live oak trees and magnolia trees, The Garden Gates can get the perfect tree for your garden, lawn or patio. Create classic looks and shade for your outdoor entertaining for years to come with the selection of trees available from The Garden Gates. Add color above your patio and curb appeal with a flowering tree such as a crape myrtle. 


Contact The Garden Gates staff today to find out what trees are available to sale and to buy a tree from us. Looking for a certain type of tree? The Garden Gates landscape design team can put together a free estimate for the specific tree and installation if you live in the New Orleans area. Designers will assist you in selecting the perfect tree depending on your preferences, color likes, and the space or spaces where trees would thrive in your outdoor area. The Garden Gates' network of growers work with many customers and types of trees year round for optimum beauty and size. Specializing in the Southeast region, The Garden Gates' landscapers and installers are here to help you buy a tree. 


Buy a tree from The Garden Gates' nursery. Flowering trees, small trees, indoor trees, and other specialty trees are at your fingertips when you call The Garden Gates toll free number to speak with an experienced staff member. From oak trees to pine trees and everything in between, The Garden Gates will help you find the tree you are looking for. Trees are beautiful in your home garden as well as functional aspects of the yard. Coverage is an important part to a comfortable and practical backyard and front lawn. Make the most out of your lawn and patio with natural shade for sunny days and especially during the warm summer months. 


Fruit trees make beautiful and personal gifts that will give the recipient more gifts for years to come. What's nicer than enjoying a piece of fruit that you grew yourself on your fruit tree? Fruit trees from The Garden Gates are available in a number of sizes for different spaces in gardens and outdoor planters. The same is true for other small trees from The Garden Gates. Small trees are often indoor trees or trees that will grow into massive, majestic trees, such as live oak trees, that one or many can enjoy for decades or even a century. Let The Garden Gates' staff discuss the tree possibilities and trees for sale for your space and budget. Buy a tree from The Garden Gates today. 


Flowering trees and fruit trees are popular additions for families, as they are both beautiful and practical. Oak trees and magnolia trees are also popular tree choices when inquiring about trees for sale at The Garden Gates. In the south, palm trees are quite popular as well because of the coastal nature down here. The Garden Gates landscapers enjoys working with both local and exotic trees, and landscaping designers will work with each customer on a personal level to get you a free estimate for any landscaping work you may need. 

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