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Totally Zen Frog Garden Statue



The Garden Gates has the best selection of Totally Zen Frog statues, Zen Frog sculptures and Totally Zen Frog fountains. Shop The Garden Gates' selection of frog sculptures and Totally Zen Frogs for whimsical additions to your outdoor decor to enjoy for years. The Zen Frog has become a popular addition to the homes of many customers, and Zen Frogs add a fun element to any garden, yard or lawn. Choose from a number of meditating Zen frogs, Zen frog fountains, and frogs doing a number of activities from "gone fishin" to playing chess. The Garden Gates' collection of frog statuary works perfectly on patios, poolside, on decks and other areas in your garden decor. 


Garden Statuary and Totally Zen Frog Garden Sculptures

The Totally Zen Frog garden statues and frog sculptures come in a number of beautiful patinas and finishes to go with your existing garden decor or to inspire you to create a whole new look. The Zen Frog and Frog collection of garden statuary look great in any of the available finishes, and they are made of cast stone, ensuring their durability for years. The Garden Gates' Totally Zen Frog statues and frog sculptures will age gracefully and naturally for a unique and authentic antiqued look. 


Totally Zen Frog Fountains and Statues for Gardens

Totally Zen Frog fountains and statues for gardens at The Garden Gates make additions to outdoor decor and garden decorations. Try a Totally Zen Frog garden statue in a courtyard, patio, balcony or any outdoor space in need of a boost. The Totally Zen Frog and the rest of the frog collection are fun and cute friends to bring home to adorn your outdoor area. The Zen Frog and frog collection from The Garden Gates also make great gifts for special friends and loved ones. Try a Totally Zen Too Frog for a housewarming gift, hostess gift, presents for teachers, and any holiday. 


Garden Sculptures and Totally Zen Frog Garden Decor

Garden Sculptures and Totally Zen Frog garden decor from The Garden Gates make beautiful additions to home and outdoor decor. Try a Totally Zen frog or his counterpart, the Totally Zen Too to create a meditative outdoor area or relaxing patio space for entertaining guests, reading a book or just soaking up the sun. Zen Frog garden statues add a touch of whimsy and lighten the mood of any outdoor space.  Zen Frog garden fountains also make great additions to any outdoor area. Choose from the Zen Too fountain that features two meditating frogs or the Zen Plinth fountain with one frog spitting water. Both fountains feature sleek and simple designs with an eastern inspiration for a zen-like quality. 


Totally Zen Frog Statuary and Garden Decorations

The Totally Zen Frog statuary and garden decor collection offers a number of frogs in different poses and doing different activities. Choose from frogs thinking, playing golf, typing on a laptop or chilling listening to an iPod to match your favorite activities. The Totally Zen Frog and Totally Zen Too are perfect gifts for those who enjoy meditating or need some relaxing encouragement in their outdoor area and garden decor. Select you own finish color for a personal touch and beautiful look for each frog to match your existing garden decor. Call The Garden Gates to speak to one of our designers or architects for any questions regarding the frog collection or with finish color selection. 

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