What are Perennilas

Perennial plants are an important aspect to include in your garden planting and landscaping design. Perennial flowers and perennial plants are plants that have a continuing life cycle, and perennials will come back year after year instead of dying and having to be replanted. The term perennial means perpetual and recurrent, which is exactly how you should think of perennial plants and perennial flowers. They will bloom over and over in your garden, depending on the season. 


Perennial Flowers for Landscaping Design

Perennial flowers for landscaping design last for an indefinitely long time as long as they are properly cared for. Flowering perennials from The Garden Gates are high quality and beautiful perennial plants. Perennial flowers and perennial plants come in beautiful varieties, colors and combinations. Incorporating perennial flowers and shrubs are important to work into your landscape design so you are not replacing all your places each season. Ask one of The Garden Gates' experienced landscape designers and architects today about how to choose the best perennials for your garden, outdoor area or patio today. 


Perennial Shrubs and Perennials for Shade

Perennial shrubs and perennial plants can live in a number of areas around your home to maximum enjoyment and beauty. Many perennial flowers and perennials plants will thrive in the shade just as there are a multitude of perennial plants that will flourish and grow in sunny spots. Many celebrated shrubs, flowering plants and shade plants are perennials - just ask The Garden Gates' friendly staff today if your favorite flowering plants are perennials. Perennial plants and perennial flowers can easily be worked into most landscaping designs and even existing gardens to provide some color and greenery throughout the year. 


Flowering Perennials and Ground Covers

Perennial plants, ground covering plants, vines and flowering jasmines are the perfect addition to any types of home and garden. Because perennial flowers offer blooming through the seasons as well as year after year, they make excellent gifts for friends and family alike.  Perennial vines and flowering jasmines are great ways to create privacy areas when planted with trellises or an arbor because of the lasting nature of these plants for continued privacy. Ground covering perennial plants have become more popular in the last few years as a way to help reduce the maintenance in a garden. Also, ground covering perennial plants typically are planted to cover or fill in the spaces in your garden which creates a desirable and lush green garden.  


Perennial Plants for Outdoor Decor

Perennials are flowering plants and shrubs that will live for more than one season with the right care.  Often, perennial plants and perennial flowers are planted and become dormant until they bloom the following season.  Many perennial plants can last for several growing seasons with proper care.  A nice selection of perennial flowers and perennial plants are salvia, holly hocks, fox gloves, black-eyed susans and delphiniums just to name a few.  Perennials are the perfect addition to any outdoor space, including gardens and patios. Perennials offer blooming through the seasons as well as year after year. Call to speak with one of The Garden Gates' talented landscaping designers and architects to get a free estimate for your garden, lawn or outdoor space. The Garden Gates offers specialized customer care for any space to be updated, re-designed or maintained. From lawncare to complete design work, The Garden Gates offers professional service with a smile. 

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