Outdoor Fireplaces


Outdoor Fireplaces and Outdoor Fireplace Design

The Garden Gates offers the latest technology in outdoor fireplaces and indoor/outdoor fireplace designs. Choose from our beautiful selection of backyard fireplaces and tabletop fireplaces to add warmth and light to your outdoor area. Create a romantic ambiance with The Garden Gates' collection of indoor/outdoor fireplaces that are safe and easy to use. The Garden Gates' tabletop fireplaces will take the chill out of the air on a cool evening, and they create a special ambiance for an evening with friends and wine or hot chocolate and some campfire tales. The Garden Gate' selection of outdoor fireplaces will make any outdoor area welcoming no matter the season. 


Backyard Fireplaces and Tabletop Fireplaces

The Garden Gates backyard fireplaces and tabletop fireplaces are the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor living area. Create a beautiful and functional outdoor room for entertaining company, dinners al fresco or curling up with a good book with any one of these tabletop fireplaces. The Anywhere line of indoor/outdoor fireplaces match any home decor and create a chic look both inside and out. Try the Empire indoor/outdoor fireplace for a sparkling open flame; it looks great on a coffee table, side table or ledge depending on how your outdoor area may be set up. Indoor/outdoor fireplaces are ideal for patios, decks, rooftop areas and balconies. Try one outdoor fireplace for a small space like a hidden courtyard or place a few outdoor fireplaces around a larger deck for natural light and a warming effect. 


Indoor/Ourdoor Fireplaces for Anywhere

Indoor/outdoor fireplaces are easy to use, and they are also safe. The Garden Gates' different styles of tabletop fireplaces offer open flame designs for a natural look or contained flames if you have small children. The Sierra outdoor fireplace design is a large fireplace surrounded by glass pieces on each side so you can enjoy its warmth and beauty safely. The Sierra outdoor fireplace is great to use a centerpiece on a patio or try using dual Sierra outdoor fireplaces at the top of steps or on either sides of a ledge. This large outdoor fireplace design makes a statement and will add a certain ambiance to your next outdoor gathering. 


Tabletop Fireplace Designs for Outdoors and Indoors

The Gramercy indoor/outdoor fireplace from Anywhere makes a beautiful addition to an outdoor sitting area or cabana. This handsome piece is made of glass and black coated metal for indoor and outdoor use, and it will help you relax with the soft crackle of the fire in this modern, freestanding fireplace. This nice, wide-set design fits on most coffee tables so that everyone can sit around and enjoy the tabletop fireplace. If you are looking for a smaller, self-contained outdoor fireplace or tabletop fireplace, try the Metropolitan indoor/outdoor fireplace. This tabletop fireplace is made of stainless steel and glass for a simple modern design that fits anywhere. 


Outdoor Fireplace Designs and Backyard Fireplaces

The Garden Gates' outdoor fireplaces and tabletop fireplaces run on bio-ethanol liquid fuel, which is safe to burn indoors and easy to light and store. Enjoy hours of use from any of The Garden Gates' backyard fireplaces and tabletop fireplace designs. These outdoor/indoor fireplaces also make great housewarming presents or hostess gifts for special friends and loved ones. 

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