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Woodland Decorative Moss Balls and Artificial Moss Balls

The Garden Gates offers decorative woodland moss balls and green moss for all of your decorating needs. From different sized green moss balls for decorating to terrarium moss, The Garden Gates has a great selection  of decorative balls and moss decorating solutions for a number of uses in your home. Shop The Garden Gates for the best faux moss balls around. 

Faux Moss Balls and Decorative Balls

The Garden Gates' faux moss balls and decorative moss balls come in four different sizes for all of your decorating needs. These gorgeous faux moss balls are the perfect addition to baskets, bowls and anywhere a touch of greenery is needed but cannot support a living plant. The Garden Gates' woodland moss ball will never turn brown or carry insects because they are made of high quality artificial materials for years of use and enjoyment. Choose from 4 inch, 6.5 inch, 9 inch and 12 inch sizes of moss balls for different spaces about your home or office. 

Terrarium Moss and Green Moss Balls for Decorating

Green moss balls from The Garden Gates are great for decorating around the home and office. The smaller sizes of woodland moss balls make a great centerpiece on a dining room table, kitchen table or coffee table in a rustic wooden bowl or any large decorative bowl. Try one of the larger sizes of faux moss balls on a shelf or on top of a beautiful book on shelves or a table for a touch of greenery where you may normally put an indoor plant. If you have a tall, clear container, a few artificial moss balls of different sizes look great mixed together. Small green moss balls also look nice around the base of a large indoor plant, such as an indoor ficus or large fern. The small decorative moss balls will cover the brown dirt at the base of the plant container and will add another element of green to the look. There are a number of possibilities for woodland moss ball, and they make great solutions to areas that cannot support a living plant but where a pop of green would complete a look. 

Woodland Moss Balls for Decoration and Decorative Faux Moss Balls

The Garden Gates' green moss makes a great addition to items around your home and can work as a filler in many containers and planters. The Garden Gates decorative moss is a simple and easy way to cover the base of any indoor plant to hide the plastic container they come in or dark soil. Simply leave your indoor plants in the original plastic container that they come in and place that inside your decorative planter or glazed pot. place bunches of green moss around the soil area of the plant for a beautiful and finished look. When it comes time to water your indoor plant, remove the green moss before watering to keep it looking fresh. Decorative green moss can also be used in plant containers outside for a neat and green look, as well as terrariums and decorative bowls. The Garden Gates' green moss is an easy way to hide 

Green Moss, Large Moss Balls and Decorative Moss

Let The Garden Gates help you select decorative moss and woodland moss balls for your next home decorating project. Our team of experts is ready to help you with any assistance you may have during the check out process. Call The Garden Gates today for any questions regarding our decorative woodland moss balls and green moss. 

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