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Folding Pet Gates, Hidden Litter Boxes and Wooden Dog Houses

The Garden Gates offers great products and accessories for not only you but also your pets. From folding pet gates and hidden litter boxes to wooden dogs houses and dog crates, The Garden Gates has beautiful furniture pieces for your pets to use. Shop our selection of freestanding pet gates, specialty dog house designs and cat litter box furniture for attractive and functional pieces that your pets will enjoy and you will not mind looking at. Often times, furniture and items for cats, dogs and other pets is utilitarian looking and made of ugly plastic. 


Kitty Litter Boxes for Cats, Freestanding Pet Gates and Dog House Designs

The Garden Gates offers kitty litter boxes for cats, freestanding pet gates and dog house designs for a number of styles and home decors. The Cat Washroom Litter Box Cover/Night Stand Pet house is a very popular item because it conveniently hides unsightly and smelly cat litter boxes. These litter box covers work beautifully in bathroom, laundry rooms, or even night stands. The Garden Gates’ litter box covers for cats comes in three wood finishes to match your home decor, have a shelf for extra storage and a flat top to put decorative objects to make your little box cover look less like a kitty litter box cover and more like a piece of decorative furniture or end table. The Garden Gates also offers the Cat Washroom Bench in white, which is also a hidden litter box except longer, for more surface area and storage. 


Large Dog Houses for Sale, Wire and Wooden Dog Crates and Pet Houses

The Garden Gates’ large dog houses for sale, wire and wooden dog crates and pet houses make great additions to the homes of pet lovers. Try The Garden Gates’ wooden pet gates that are adjustable for any space in your home. From keeping Fido out of the living room while you are at work to keeping him in away from the dining room when you have company over for dinner, The Garden Gates freestanding pet gates are an attractive way to keep pets at bay while still being able to see their humans. The Garden Gates’ folding pet gates are functional and nice looking for any of your pet needs around the house. 


Litter Box Covers, Luxury Dog Houses and Wide Pet Gates for Dogs

The Garden Gates carries litter box covers, luxury dog houses, and wide pet gates for dogs and cats alike. Shop The Garden Gates large dog houses and wooden dog houses for sale to find the best dog house for your pup. From log cabin inspired dog houses to luxury dog houses with porches, roofs and storage area, The Garden Gates has dog houses and cat litter box covers to spoil your pets and look beautiful in your home. 


Dog Crates for Sale, Wooden Pet Gates and Cat Litter Box Furniture

Call The Garden Gates to get the best advice on dog crates for sale, wooden pet gates, and cat litter box furniture to suit your needs. Whether you are a dog lover, a cat lover or someone who has multiple four-legged members of the family, The Garden Gates has pet accessories and pet houses to suit your needs. Let one of The Garden Gates’ expert designers and architects help you choose a dog crate, dog house, wooden pet gate or litter box cover today. 

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