Ground Cover

Ground Cover


Buy Ground Cover online for the home garden. 

Find the best ground covers for your outdoor decor and garden needs at The Garden Gates. The Garden Gates' nursery carries ground covers for shade, flowering ground cover and other varieties of ground covering plants. Ground covers act as enhancers for gardens, alternatives to yards and a means to reduce both mulching and watering. These eco-friendly ground covering plants have a variety of uses and are available in a number colors, shapes, and styles for optimum use throughout your lawn, garden and outdoor decor areas. For example, consider using mondo grass, also known as monkey grass, or dwarf mondo grass in place of a traditional lawn for interesting and modern look. Use ground covers to define a certain area in your garden or lawn or create elegant borders around pools, driveways and paved walkways. Flowering ground covers act as a beautiful filler plant in many kinds of gardens from traditional, large spaces to discrete courtyards and paved patios. 


Dwarf Mondo Grass, Mondo Grass & Monkey Grasses 

Call The Garden Gates to speak to a landscape designer or manager about what ground covering plants will work best for your outdoor decor and space. The Garden Gates' trained professionals can offer you expert advice on shade ground covers and flowering ground covers and how to care for the once in the ground. In addition to ground covering advice, The Garden Gates friendly staff can speak to you about landscaping design and installation, exterior lighting design and irrigation and sprinkler systems. Pavers look elegant when ground covering plants are mixed amongst them, and The Garden Gates' landscape designers can design and install paved patios, paved walkways and paved driveways. The Garden Gates' comprehensive outdoor services and nursery make gardening a pleasure because of all the plants and knowledge at your fingertips. From ivies and mondo grass to jasmine and creeping jenny, The Garden Gates selection of ground covering plants will inspire you to update your garden and try something new. Don't let flowering ground covers intimidate you when choosing ground covers to plant; let The Garden Gates help you get the best flowering ground covers and shade ground covers for your garden and lawn. 


Shade Ground Cover

Evergreen ground covers are perennial plants to enjoy season after season and year after year. Once ground covering plants are in the ground, watch them take off and fill in the spaces between the other plants in your outdoor garden and yard. Flowering ground covers make an easy solution to a difficult space or dead patch in the yard without having to deal with difficult sod or buying an expensive new shrub or tree. Many ground covering plants will do fine in the shade or partial shade, and this is an important aspect once ground covers grow over a large area of garden that might be partially in the sun and shade. The Garden Gates' carries a number of ground covering ornamental grass, such as fountain grass and ribbon grass for lush foliage in areas off the beaten path. For fragrance, try Carolina jasmine or creeping gardenias, an interesting variety of the perennial favorite gardenia bush. Traditional English ivies and Algerian ivies make a nice addition to classic gardens in need of some green ground covering plants. Whichever type of garden you may have, The Garden Gates' experts can help you with your landscaping design and in choosing the best ground covering plants for your outdoor area, patio or garden. 

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