French Glazed Pottery
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French Glazed Pottery


French Glazed Pottery and Planter Pots

The Garden Gates is a leader in french glazed pottery and planter pots. From glazed small urn planters to large ceramic pottery, The Garden Gates has beautiful indoor pottery and cache pots for orchids, ivies, or any other indoor house plants you wish to display. Shop The Garden Gates beautiful selection of french-inspired glazed urns and ceramic pots for the latest selection of pottery vases, ceramic cache pots, and indoor pottery. Just about any indoor plant, from ferns to exotic orchids, will look more beautiful in one of The Garden Gates' containers.  

Indoor Pottery, Glazed Urns and Cache Pots

Indoor pottery, glazed urns and cache pots from The Garden Gates make beautiful additions to any room in your home. Try a Tuscany Round Bowl as a centerpiece on a coffee table, kitchen table or any side table in your home. This ceramic planter would make a beautiful fruit bowl on a kitchen counter as well. From simple cascading English ivy on top of a console to a double-stemmed white orchid on an entrance hall table, the Tuscany Round Bowl has multiple uses for versatile purposes around the home. The Lattice Basket in both linen sky and linen cream colors would make a wonderful centerpiece on a kitchen table or dining room table. Try filling it with ivies and ferns for a lush green look or add a few annuals in there for a pop of color throughout the year. The Sorano Cache Pots make excellent ceramic container for larger house plants. All of The Garden Gates' french glazed pottery is multifunctional for years of enjoyment and use. 

Glazed Ceramic Pottery, Urn Planters and Flower Pots

The Garden Gates' glazed ceramic pottery, urn planters and flower pots make delightful gifts as well. Fill one of these cache pots or glazed urns with favorite greenery or flowering plants for a special gift for a special friend or loved on. Say "thank you" with an orchid in one of these indoor planters or make a special creation for a teacher, newlyweds, or a friend who is under the weather. The Garden Gates glazed pottery and flower pots make the perfect "get well soon" and "congratulations" gifts as well. 

Ceramic Cache Pots, Glazed Pottery and Indoor Plant Pots

Shop The Garden Gates for ceramic cache pots, glazed pottery and indoor plant pots to adorn your home and dress up any indoor house plant. The Garden Gates' indoor pottery comes in a number of shapes, sizes and designs to match your home decor. Many of The Garden Gates' cache pots and glazed planters come in white or soothing neutral shades that will work in just about any room, home or office. Let The Garden Gates' help you create something special for an event, loved one or just because. The Garden Gates' french glazed pottery with a stunning orchid is always in style and can easily transform the look of a space or room in one simple move. 

Pottery Vases, Glazed Pots and Planters and Pots 

Call The Garden Gates to get started in selecting a piece of ceramic pottery or a collection of glazed urns for a design project or to spruce up a plain piece of furniture. The Garden Gates' team of talented designers can assist you in selecting the right piece of french glazed pottery for your space and can recommend what plants, orchids or greens would look the best in each piece of ceramic pottery. If you are in the New Orleans area, The Garden Gates is happy to put together a custom arrangement of living plants from our garden center for your next special event or for an exquisite gift. 

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