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What is an Annual Flower?

Annual flowers are classified as plants that only live for one growing season and must be replanted each year or annually. Because annual plants and annual flowers only live for one year or season, The Garden Gates offers a plethora of annual plants every season for your replanting pleasure and convenience. Annual flowers are typically used as accent plants in gardens, yards and outdoor planters because they must be replaced and well cared for throughout the season in which they live. Flowering annual plants are a beautiful addition to garden because of the color and different varieties available throughout the year. Think of annual plants as accessories to your garden. Trees and perennial shrubs are always there, but annual flowers bring out other colors and aspects of the landscape design. 

Garden Annuals - Alyssum, Pansies, Petunias and Snapdragons

Flowering annual plants are ideal for gardens, hay racks and hanging baskets. The Garden Gates' annual flowers add a pop of color to any area in your outdoor decor, from table tops to the ground. Hanging baskets on balconies and in courtyards look fresh with seasonal annuals mixed with perennial plants. From traditional garden to modern spaces, annual plants and flowers come in so many varieties of shapes and colors that you may have a hard time choosing! The great part about annual flowers is that you can choose completely different annuals next year or season. The Garden Gates' annual plants are affordable so that replacing them year after year is an enjoyable task.  

Flowering Annuals

Annuals are often called seasonal color because many people like to coordinate their annuals' color to the season. For example, yellows and oranges are festive in the fall when the weather starts to drop. Fall annual flowers include but are not limited to pansies, violas, ornamental cabbages and kale. In the spring, whites and vibrant pinks are always popular to celebrate the season. A nice selection of spring flowers that work well in sun conditions are petunias, snapdragons, caladiums, salvia and begonias. Whatever colors and annual plants you choose, your climate will determine how often they need to replaced or swapped out. Some annual flowers that cross over between seasons are snapdragons and dianthus; both annual plants can work well in either spring or fall depending on variety. 

Annuals Plants and Annual Garden Flowers

Annual plants and annual flowers can be planted in The Garden Gates' hanging baskets and hay racks, and are favorites of many of our customers. The Garden Gates staff uses annual plants in custom basket arrangements often because of their beautiful display and selection available. Because annual flowers and plants have to be changed out or replaced seasonally, bring your hay racks and outdoor planters to the The Garden Gates to have our staff plant lovely new creations each season. Your cost is only the plants and materials used when we replant your garden planters, flower pots and hanging baskets. 

Annual Flowering Plants

The Garden Gates' landscaping design and installation team knows and thing or two about annual flowering plants. An important part of any garden and yard, annual flowers are perfect accessories to a well-designed home or business garden. Whether the garden is in the ground or a group of containers and planters, The Garden Gates designers can assist you in the selection of annuals as well as the care and planting instructions of your annual plants. Also, The Garden Gates' team can professionally install your annuals in New Orleans or Metairie if your garden requires frequent seasonal color swaps.

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