Decorative Garden Planters

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Decorative Garden Planters


Decorative Garden Planters

Each company that The Garden Gates carries showcases unique styles and planter pot designs that are both beautiful planters and also practical and functional garden pots. Look no further for large planters, containers, window planters, or special flower boxes. Outdoor garden planters are a solution to decks, paved patios and paved walkways. 


Garden Pots and Planters

Find the perfect large planters and pot from The Garden Gates in our garden planter section. Deck planters, patio gardens, and flower boxes are easy to create and find with The Garden Gates' outdoor planters. Let our team of experts create stunning outdoor gardens simply using planter pots, window planters, and planter boxes. If you are looking for large planters and pots for outdoor gardens, shop The Garden Gates' brands online. The talented team of landscape designers and architects at The Garden Gates can assist you in the selection of outdoor planters, garden pots, and planter pots. Upon appointment, a landscape designer will create a free estimate for your outdoor garden to include plant pots, planter boxes and outdoor planters. The Garden Gates' experienced landscaping designers will also recommend flowers plants or lush greenery to bring your flower boxes, window planters, and plant pots to life.


Plant Containers and Flower Pots

Whether you are looking for window planters, flower boxes, or deck planters to fill your patio garden or outdoor space, we have planter pots for all spaces and outdoor decors. Decorative glazed pottery always has a place in a home, but it can also be used effectively in outdoor decor. Decorative plant containers range in variety a great deal - The Garden Gates has quite an array of decorative garden planters, flower pots, and decorative plant containers to choose from. Sizes, shapes, colors and styles are at your fingertips when you shop The Garden Gates' online store. Decorative garden containers make excellent deck planters, flower boxes, and additions to patio gardens. 


Flower Planters

Flower planters have a number of uses, and many times decorative garden planters look spectacular on their own. The different types of garden pots, planters, decorative plant containers and flower pots brought to you by The Garden Gates work well with any kind of plant or creative use you may have for them. The Garden Gates' designers and consultants will help you choose the perfect decorative plant container for your paved patio, lawn, or outdoor entertaining area. Just a few outdoor planters and flower pots can change the whole look of your area. 


Outdoor Garden Planters

The Garden Gates' outdoor garden planters from Cyan Design and Campania International come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles to match your indoor and outdoor home and garden decor. Decorative planters in rustic wooden styles, beautiful metal flower planters, and chic French looking garden pots are just a click away at The Garden Gates' online store. Call us today to get personalized assistance with any of our decorative garden planters. 

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