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Bedroom Curtains, Linen Curtain Panels and Curtain Ideas

Bedroom curtains, linen curtain panels and curtain ideas from The Garden Gates come in a number of wonderful fabrics and colors to match your home decor or to inspire a fresh new look. From dramatic, silk velvet embroidered curtain panels to whispy, gauzy linen curtains, The Garden Gates has a selection of window curtains to create layered, balanced window treatments. Try using The Garden Gates' sheer curtain panels over solid colors for a unique look, or put a sheer panel under a pulled-back drape for privacy that still allows the light to enter the room. The Garden Gates' curtain panels will look beautiful as window treatments however you wish to assemble them. 


Curtain Tiebacks, Drapery Hardware and Linen Curtains

The Garden Gates' curtain tiebacks, drapery hardware and linen curtains make attractive additions to many rooms. The Garden Gates' collection of Bella Notte Linens' curtain panels are custom made curtains when ordered. Choose from their fabrics that are available as window curtains: Colette, Linen, New Primrose, Olivia, Silk Velvet Embroidered, Velvet and Linen Whisper all transform into lovely curtain panels to match a Bella Notte bedroom look. The Garden Gates' selection of Bella Notte panel curtains will turn any plain window into a designer's dream and a window treatment to enjoy for years. From permanent investments to season color swaps, The Garden Gates has both a timeless and colorful selection of gorgeous curtain panels. 


Sheer Curtains, Curtain Holdbacks and Window Curtains

Sheer curtains, curtain holdbacks and window curtains from The Garden Gates will come alive to inspire beautiful window treatments. The Garden Gates' French linen curtains are long curtains for high ceilings and traditional rooms. Ethereal sheer curtain panels from The Garden Gates come in whites and neutral colors for a timeless look that will never go out of style. Each of the linen curtain panels from The Garden Gates exhibit exquisite detail for chic home decor and lovely curtains and drapes. Try the Aumoniere Curtain panel for an elegant linen curtain panel that will work well in both bedrooms and living rooms. The Embroidered Polka Dot Curtain is also a French design, and it comes complete with ties so that it can be rolled up for a shorter look during the day to let in the light. Unroll the Embroidered Polka Dot Curtain panel at night for privacy. 


Drapery Tiebacks, Panel Curtains and Curtains and Drapes

Call The Garden Gates to get the best advice when selecting your very own curtain panels. Purchasing window curtains can seem like a daunting task, but it will not be when The Garden Gates' team of talented designers and architects are helping you. Our experienced professionals will advise you from material and length to color and style for the perfect fit in any room in your home. 

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