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Coastal Living Decor Ideas and Nautical Seashell Art

The Garden Gates has a great selection for coastal living decor ideas and nautical seashell art. Shop The Garden Gates' selection of seashells, coastal decor, beach themed items, and nautical influenced pieces. The Garden Gates also carries seashell art and beautiful accessories for the beach. From beach decor to adorn your coastal vacation home to coastal decorating ideas to get you through the summer at home, The Garden Gates has a wonderful selection of natural seashells, seashell art, and coastal decor pieces to turn your home into a seaside retreat. 

Decorative Seashells for Sale and Beach Decor

Decorative seashells for sale and beach decor from The Garden Gates make beautiful additions to any kind of home. Try a beautiful bowl full of mixed seashells such as abalone, sea urchins, turbo shells,Phillipine stars and star fingers for a summery chic centerpiece on a coffee table, kitchen table or grand side board. Seashells for sale are a great way to decorate a bathroom with a beach theme to enjoy for years as well. The Garden Gates offers large full nautilus shells in mother of pearl for the perfect addition to a bookshelf or side table. An oyster shell votive holder or a few seashells as accent pieces are always in season and provide a timeless look in any decor. 

Nautical Decor, Home Furnishing, and Beach Decorating

The Garden Gates' nautical decor, home furnishing and beach decorating ideas make great accessories for living rooms, family rooms, bathrooms and anywhere else in a home, condo or bungalow. Try The Garden Gates' natural sea fans with their thin coral-like surface for a textural element in a flower arrangement, on a desk, or on a shelf for a unique beachy accent piece. The Garden Gates' collection of coastal decor ideas and decorative seashells will inspire you to create a nautical themed look in your home furnishings and home decor. The Garden Gates' coastal living decor and seashell art will give you the motivation for one of a kind seaside decorating ideas. 

Seashells and Coastal Living Decorative Accents

Seashells and coastal living decorative accents from The Garden Gates look beautiful in all rooms of the home. Try the large barnacle piece as a centerpiece on a coffee table or side table in an entrance hall. Small air plants will fit in the barnacle holes for a living arrangement or try skinny candlesticks in the barnacle holes for a beautiful glow over dinner on the patio. Don't let distance keep you from feeling like you are at the beach; the right coastal decor from The Garden Gates will help you achieve a nautical look easily and simply. 

Beach Theme Coastal Decorating and Beach Decor for the Home

The Garden Gates' beach theme coastal decorating ideas and beach decor for the home come in a number of pieces to add just a touch of the coast or to transform a room into a completely nautical look. The Garden Gates also offers some wonderful accessories to wear while you are out on the beach or to wear for the summer. The Sun Hat by Hat Attack is a classic wide brimmed hat to protect your face while out on the beach, on a picnic in the park or simply enjoying some time in the backyard. The Bujibaja Color Block Tote makes a stylish beach bag, large enough to fit a towel, book and sunscreen, yet it is also a great bag to use as a purse during the summer months. The navy and brown color combination will match many summer outfits - try it with your favorite pair of white linen pants. The Bujibaja Weave Clutch is the perfect evening bag for a night out in your favorite coastal town or to match a summery look while out in your hometown. Shop The Garden Gates' great selection of coastal living decor and beach theme products today. 

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