Bird Feeders and Hummingbird Feeders

The Garden Gates' birdfeeders and hummingbird feeders are beautiful and decorative bird feeders to adorn your backyard, deck or patio. Enjoy the beautiful sight of wild birds and hummingbirds in your own backyard by attracting them with our glass hummingbird feeders and bird feeders. You will enjoy these dainty bird feeders just as much as you will enjoy the birds that they attract. Shop The Garden Gates' bird feeders for timeless styles for both humans and birds to enjoy. Decorative hummingbird feeders and glass bird feeders look nice in almost any outdoor setting. From patios and walkways to vast lawns and landscapes, there is always room for a hummingbird feeder to hang. Use a natural tree branch to hang your hummingbird feeder and bird feeders or use a hook from an overhand or one grounded in the earth. However you choose to hang your hummingbird feeders and bird feeders, the birds will follow. Call to speak to one of The Garden Gates' experts today, whether you are shopping for a gift or yourself, our designers can assist you 7 days a week. 


Glass Hummingbird Feeders and Decorative Bird Feeders

Glass hummingbird feeders and decorative bird feeders make the perfect gift for Mother's Day, house warming, holidays, and just because. A hummingbird feeder is a gift that will keep giving each time you catch a glimpse of a hummingbird or wild bird feeding. Each of The Garden Gates' glass hummingbird feeders come with a recipe to make hummingbird nectar so that you can keep feeding them throughout the year. The hummingbird nectar is easy to make and store also. The Garden Gates bird feeders and hummingbird feeders come in some great shapes and colors that will look natural enough to attract the little hummingbirds but will also stand out to human eyes because of their beauty. Choose from whimsical dew drops, hot air balloons, simple pot de creme shapes, and many others to adorn your backyard. Who says you need just one? 


Hanging Bird Feeders and Glass Bird Feeders

Hanging bird feeders and glass bird feeders from The Garden Gates are the perfect addition to any outdoor space and compliment any outdoor decor. It's so nice to have wild birds and hummingbirds stop for a quick bite to eat and to catch a glimpse of them when they do. You do not have to be a bird watcher or expert to be able to enjoy The Garden Gates hummingbird feeders and decorative bird feeders. Because each one comes with a recipe for hummingbird nectar, it's easy and simple to hang your humming bird feeder and let them come to you. Try an etched glass filigree hummingbird feeder or a few in different colors to adorn the trees in your yard. The hot air balloon hummingbird feeder called the Eighty Days bird feeder  is a whimsical and unique bird feeder that also features decorative etched glass and multiple feeding holes for maximum usage. The bouquet lunchpail hummingbird feeder and bouquet basket weave hummingbird feeders both have double feeders for a simpler yet beautiful take on the traditional hummingbird feeder. A favorite hummingbird feeder of staff and customers alike is the pot de creme moon and stars feeder with dual flowers on a simple glass container held up by wire. See The Garden Gates' hummingbird feeders and bird feeders for yourself to select the person one for your outdoor area. 

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