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Bella Rose


Religious Jewelry with Holy Medals and Saint Pendants by Bella Rose Jewelry

The Garden Gates is proud to carry the religious jewelry adorned with holy medals and saint pendants by Bella Rose Jewelry. Inspired by their religious background, travel and their mother, the designer sisters behind Bella Rose Jewelry create one of a kind antique jewelry by using heirloom European religious medals that range in age from 50-150 years old. Each necklace and bracelet from Bella Rose Jewelry tells its own story, having been owned decades before it was turned into a beautiful piece of modern jewelry. Shop The Garden Gates' beautiful collection of christian jewelry from Bella Rose today. 

Bella Rose Antique Jewelry with Religious Medals and Rosary Beads

Bella Rose antique jewelry with religious medals and rosary beads are all unique because of the different antique holy medals that are used. Many of the necklaces and bracelets use antique rosary beads as well, making them even more special and precious. Religious bracelets and necklaces from Bella Rose Jewelry can be custom made if you are looking for a special holy medal or particular saint on the religious medal. The women's jewelry that Bella Rose makes and The Garden Gates carries can be worn for a number of occasions. From dressy events and special events to everyday use, these antique jewelry pieces have many uses and look beautiful with many outfits. 

Women's Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry and Christian Jewelry

The Garden Gates women's jewelry, fashion jewelry and christian jewelry by the talented designers at Bella Rose Jewelry can be appreciated by all. You do not have to be religious to appreciate the beauty of the holy medals and beads that adorn these necklaces and bracelets. The Garden Gates offers a great variety of  bracelets and necklaces from Bella Rose Jewelry to suit your taste, match an outfit or create a new one. From the striking and ornate Lena Necklace adorned with multiple medals and strands of beads to the simple and classic Samantha Necklace and everything in between, you will find a piece of Bella Rose Jewelry that speaks to you. 

Religious Bracelets, Cross Jewelry and Christian Religious Jewelry

Religious bracelets, cross jewelry and christian religious jewelry from The Garden Gates and Bells Rose Jewelry make special and thoughtful gifts for loved ones. She is sure to cherish each piece of Bella Rose Jewelry because it has so much more meaning that any old necklace or bracelet. The beautiful antique holy medals from Bella Rose with become keepsakes to treasure and pass down throughout generations as they were done before. Shop Bella Rose Jewelry's wonderful collection of women's jewelry and fashion jewelry for a special occasion or any holiday. 

Saint Medals, Custom Jewelry and Antique Jewelry by Bella Rose Jewelry

The Garden Gates' saint medals, custom jewelry and antique jewelry by Bella Rose Jewelry comes in many beautiful designs, style and colors for your selection. Try the bronzy Giselle Necklace, with its multiple layers and antique look for a special outfit or just to dress up a plain shirt. The Mary Ellen Necklace features two medals and small semi-precious stone beads for a delicate and feminine look that is always appropriate. The Mary Claire Necklace showcases an amazing large medal with multiple strands of antique rosary beads, semi-precious stone beads and gold linked chain for a piece that will make a statement. Call The Garden Gates to get assistance when selecting your next piece of Bella Rose Jewelry for yourself or as a gift. The knowledgeable staff at The Garden Gates will help you each step of the way. 

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