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Make a new commitment to yourself this year to simply sleep much better.Improved sleep quality is a top way to improve your physical health and mental well-being.

Bedding and Linens by Bella Notte Linens

Create the perfect summer look with Bella Notte Linens' custom-made, light and airy luxury bedding found at The Garden Gates. Discover distinctive sheets and bedding, duvet covers, pillow shams and curtains by Bella Notte for a truly luxurious experience. With 28 lavish fabrics in 17 beautiful colors, creating your dream bed is easier than ever with Bella Notte Linens. Also, all of Bella Notte's sheets and bedding are produced using sustainable materials and through low-impact processes, ensuring that your duvet covers and luxury bedding will remain eco-friendly. 


Bella Notte Linens Duvet Covers

Bella Notte Linen's fabrics are exactly what you need to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The Linen Whisper fabric makes for an ethereal, lightweight duvet cover. Paired with Linen with Crochet Lace or Linen Quilted for a balanced look that is comfortable yet remains elegant. Bella Notte Linen's Homespun and the Adele duvet cover are great examples of duvet covers because these classic fabrics create a great backdrop for any bed. Add fanciful Adagio throw pillows to dress it up or a soothing Linen Whisper body pillow for relaxation. Top the duvet cover with a Satin Quilted throw blanket for added luxury. Try combining any of Bella Notte's bed linen fabrics with duvet covers or a comforter for the ultimate experience. 


Bella Notte Linens Euro Shams and Pillow Cases

Euro shams by Bella Notte bedding will tie in different fabric and color choices and really bring a bedroom look together. Bella Notte's luxury bedding offers exceptional choices in pillows and euro shams in fabrics and colors to make the bedroom breezy and light for the summer. Try the Adele Shams or Satin Velvet euro shams with a beautiful satin ruffle around the edge for a timeless year round look. Classic Linen and Homespun euro shams will work as both all year staples or seasonal standouts depending on color choice. Linen with Crochet Lace euro shams have delicate crochet trim, making them much more than just a pillow sham. With Bella Notte sheets and bedding, the smallest of details matter and are painstakingly crafted to perfection. 


Bella Notte Linens Luxury Sheets and Bedding

Bed sheets are not usually the focal point of a beautifully designed bed, but they should be the most comfortable aspect of luxury bedding. Bella Notte Linen's sheets are made of the highest qualities to ensure a good night's sleep as you sink into bed. Linen sheets make sense during the summer months, as they are breathable, comfortable and attractive. Madera sheets and Bella sheets compliment any of the Bella Notte duvet covers and coverlets, and these textures are suitable for the summer as well as the rest of the year. All of Bella Notte's sheets and bedding come in each of the tasteful hues in Bella Notte Linen's diverse color palette. 


Bella Notte Linens Window Curtain Panels and Linen Curtains

Although Bella Notte is widely known for its luxury sheets and bedding, the company also creates curtain panels for a complete bedroom look. Bella Notte's window curtains can be layered and mixed for an inspiring window treatment or kept the same for beautiful simplicity. The Olivia sheer curtain panel is made of elegant stitching and scalloped sides perfect for another color to peek through and shine in the sunlight. Heavier velvet curtain panels are bold enough on their own or work as drapes over sheers. Each of Bella Notte's window curtains pair nicely with their variety of sheets and bedding for luxurious combinations of bed linens. 


Bella Notte Linens are custom made to order so that each piece is uniquely yours. Shop The Garden Gates' selection of Bella Notte Linens for a special seasonal bedroom look or start working on your dream bed to enjoy for years. 

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