Fine Fragrances from Apothia and The Garden Gates

The Garden Gates carries a great selection of fine fragrances from Apothia Los Angeles. These home fragrance solutions come in remarkable scents that are both unique and luxurious. Fill your home with the intoxicating fragrances from Apothia and The Garden Gates to keep rooms smelling fresh, clean, and welcoming. Let the rich scents of Apothia greet guests as they enter your home, encouraging them to feel relaxed and comfortable. Shop The Garden Gates' collection of oil diffusers and body washes for the best in bath products and home fragrances. 

Home Fragrances and Hand and Body Wash

Home fragrances and hand and body wash from Apothia and The Garden Gates come in two delightful fragrances to keep your home and the rooms throughout smelling fresh. Try Apothia's refreshing Casa fragrance to welcome you home every time. The Casa scent is a delicate combination of Casablanca lilies, newly cut grass and fresh air, evoking appreciation for the simple pleasures in life, all bottles into one scent. If you are looking for a rich home fragrance, wrought with layers of sensuality, look no further than Apothia's Soul scent. Soul is a smooth combination of African ginger, rich mahogany, deep taboti wood and grains of paradise to create an intimate yet energetic fragrance that will resonate in the air. 

Aromatherapy Diffusers, Room Scents, and Hand Soap

The Garden Gates' aromatherapy diffusers, room scents and hand soap are the epitome of beauty, fashion and style, as Apothia has been the ultimate shopping experience in Los Angeles for over 25 years. Each home fragrance item they create is designed blending art and innovative design with world class ingredients and craftsmanship. The result are simple yet beautiful containers for Apothia's reed diffusers and hand and body wash. Each oil diffuser from The Garden Gates and Apothia uses a non-alcoholic formula to create lovely room fragrances without a flame. These long lasting diffusers are an efficient and attractive way to scent your home. 

Body Wash, Oil Diffusers and Room Fragrances

Body wash, oil diffusers and room fragrances from Apothia and The Garden Gates are useful and deliciously scented products. Apothia offers a multi-functional product that doubles as both a hand soap and a body wash. Apothia's hand and body wash is available in both the Casa and Soul scents so that you can use them at the sink and in the shower. The hand and body wash from Apothia is paraben free and sulfate free and is created using agents naturally derived from glucose, apricot kernel oil, oat and coconut oil. The Garden Gates' and Apothia's hand and body wash will leave skin clean and feeling smooth and moisturized thanks to generous amounts of sweet almond protein, aloe vera and vitamin E to emulate and soothe tired skin. 

Scent Diffusers, Hand and Body Wash and Aroma Diffusers

The Garden Gates' scent diffusers, hand and body wash and aroma diffusers are wonderful additions to any home and make thoughtful presents as well for any holiday or special occasion. Products from Apothia Los Angeles are of the highest quality and exceptionally designed for beautiful, clean lines and delightful home fragrances to use throughout the year. Shop The Garden Gates' wonderful selection of products by Apothia Los Angeles for Casa and Soul fragrances in aromatherapy diffusers and hand and body wash. 

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