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Window Boxes for Outdoor Home Decor

Window boxes are a traditional and sure fire way to add great curb appeal to the exterior of your home. Fill these long rectangular planters with cascading vines, colorful flowers or attention-grabbing combinations to create a visually pleasing element each time you open your front door. Window boxes are quite versatile these days and come in a number of shapes and sizes for adding that special touch to the exterior of your home. Attach these rectangular boxes to just beneath windows, railings around decks and balconies and fences for an attractive, classic look to your home. Window boxes also come in many styles that will simply rest on the ground on your front or back porch, on ledges, steps or anywhere to create a distinctive and beautiful border that is full of life. Try adding tall grasses and shrubs to these window planters if you are going to rest them on the ground and section off a certain outdoor area.

Patio Decor Window Boxes and Planters

Window boxes also come in many looks and styles to complement the outdoor of your home. Choose from a number of styles in high quality vinyl planters that look like just like wood but that will last much longer - these window boxes also feature sub-irrigation watering systems to keep roots watered after you have put the hose away. Try our European made fiberglass styles that are lightweight and come in multiple finishes and designs. They will instantly add a sleek and modern appeal to your outdoor areas. Our cast stone window boxes are sturdy, durable planters that come in twelve finishes and will add a regal look to your home’s exterior. Lastly, the traditional stained wood window boxes we feature will create a classic and charming look to any window, ledge or walkway. Let these wonderful window box designs inspire your outdoor decor to add lush greenery and color all over your home.

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