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Watering Devices and Watering Systems for Watering Plants

The Garden Gates' variety of watering devices is a helpful selection for easy at home watering of gardens, lawns and yards. The Garden Gates offers faucet and hose connectors, water timers, spiral hoses, rain gauges, moisture meters, buckets and watering cans of many shapes and sizes for your every watering need.  Watering plants is an important part in establishing and nourishing your garden beds, flower pots and lawns. Shop The Garden Gates' impressive selection of watering devices to create your own watering system for watering plants season after season and let our watering system parts will help you navigate through the especially dry or wet seasons for the perfect amount of water needed every time. 


Hose Connectors and Hose Fittings for Garden Hoses

The Garden Gates' hose connectors, faucets and hose fittings for watering plants make it easy to direct the right amounts of water to the right spaces in the garden and yard every time you water. These watering devices will connect multiple hoses for length and divert water among multiple hoses for multitasking, depending on what type of home watering system you need. Each hose connector and hose fitting is easily installed and adjusted for getting the perfect amount of water every time its used. Hose fittings and hose connectors fit just about every garden hose and can be attached with sprinkler timers and water timers for added convenience to keep your plants hydrated year round and also during dry times, especially during the summer.  


Sprinkler Timers, Water Timers and Rain Gauges

Sprinkler timers, water timers and rain gauges are all important accessories for home watering systems to help them work to their full capacity. Understanding how much rain your garden or lawn has received is crucial to getting to watering plants, whether they are in a flower bed, garden planter or hanging basket. Also, water timers and sprinkler timers give you the freedom to leave the house or work on other household projects while the sprinkler waters your lawn. Water timers and sprinkler timers will shut the water off after the specified time has passed so that your garden and lawn will not be over watered and become soggy. Sprinkler timers are great during the summer when waiting to turn off the sprinkler or garden hose in an option. The Garden Gates also offers sophisticated sprinkler timers and water timers that can be programmed to automatically turn on and shut off, which will ensure a happy garden and lawn while traveling. 

Moisture Meters, Buckets and Spiral Hoses

The Garden Gates' watering devices for home watering systems are great for watering plants, yards and gardens. Moisture meters and pH meters will check the moisture content in your soil as well as acidity/alkalinity, which can be important for certain types of garden plants. Moisture sensors, buckets and spiral hoses are all important aspects of home watering systems, yet they are commonly not remembered. Let The Garden Gates help you solve any watering and moisture issues you may have, and our team of experts can assist you personally should you have any watering system questions or specific problems. The Garden Gates' team of landscaping designers and architects can offer the best quality products and care for watering plants and gardens.


Watering Cans for At-Home Watering Systems

Shop The Garden Gates' watering can selection for functional and convenient ways to water indoor plants, hanging baskets and flower pots. From short spouts and adjustable spouts to specific watering heads, The Garden Gates offers the best watering cans for multiple jobs and every day use for house plants, patios and decks. Choose your watering can from an interesting variety of sizes, shapes and fantastic colors. 

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