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Terrariums How To:

DIY a quick terrarium 720p from The Garden Gates on Vimeo.

Plant Terrariums and Fish Bowl Vases

The Garden Gates is a leader in plant terrariums and terrarium design. Shop The Garden Gates for all of your terrarium supplies and terrarium design needs. From unique glass containers to fish bowl vases, The Garden Gates has the best supplies for creating one of a kind terrariums. The Garden Gates also has succulent plants, barnacles, tiny arbors, little gardening tools and trivets to make a terrarium that is excellently detailed and completely unique. Decorative terrariums are a great option for easy care plants because succulents need very little water and will do fine indoors with proper light or outdoors also. 

Glass Jars, Glass Containers and Terrarium Supplies

Glass jars, glass containers and terrarium supplies from The Garden Gates will help you create a special plant terrarium with plants and accessories that are fun to look at and observe. The Garden Gates has all the supplies to make your very own decorative terrarium; they are simple to make and easy to keep living even if you do not have a green thumb. Try an elegant teardrop terrarium with air plants to hang on a wall or over a counter or table for a really creative look that will impress and inspire your guests. Dazzle your friends and relatives with an easy creation that you can take the credit for. The Garden Gates' air plants, also known as Tillandsia, do not need to be planted in soil, sand or any material. Also, The Garden Gates air plants rarely need to be watered because they absorb moisture from the air. Mist the air plants once every two weeks to keep them fresh. 

Decorative Terrariums, Glass Bowl Vases and Terrarium Plants

The Garden Gates decorative terrariums, glass bowl vases and terrarium plants make great additions for around the home where a touch of color or greenery is needed. A succulent arrangement in a decorative terrarium makes a beautiful, lasting centerpiece for a dinging room table, kitchen table, or coffee table. Terrarium designs look nice on end tables and accent tables throughout a home as well for beautiful and interesting home decor. A plant terrarium is also a thoughtful gift for any person on your list. Let The Garden Gates create a custom glass terrarium for a small space such as a kitchen corner or a large, stunning decorative terrarium for a patio or deck. 

Teardrop Terrariums and Terrarium Designs

Teardrop terrariums and terrarium designs from The Garden Gates are great additions to any home and just about any style of home decor. Shop The Garden Gates' beautiful selection of terrarium glass pieces for everything from traditional shapes to modern looks. The Angled Rim Glass Terrarium is a unique way to display succulent plants and mini ferns because the glass dips down in the front and raises up in the back for a decorative, angled look that will highlight any plants in the terrarium. The Bubble Bowl Glass Terrarium is a special way to show off plants and materials. The Garden Gates' Bubble Bowl Glass Terrarium will wonderfully display the terrarium's layers of moss, rocks and soil as well as the plants that live in the terrarium. Try the Lot Vase glass vase for a cornucopia shaped terrarium that will fit smaller and medium sized succulents in this uniquely designed terrarium.

Glass Terrariums, Glass Vases and Making a Terrarium

Call The Garden Gates to get the best advice on building a terrarium of your own. See The Garden Gates' video for making a terrarium, and just how easy it is to create one on your own. The Garden Gates has all the right materials for making a decorative terrarium, and our expert staff is ready to guide you in the process. Speak to one of our experienced and talented designers and architects for assistance and guidance in selecting the right terrarium glass, terrarium plants and terrarium supplies.

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