Funny Shirts and Custom T Shirts Exclusive to The Garden Gates

The Garden Gates carries funny shirts and custom t shirts that are exclusively designed by the famous New Orleans' artist Matt Rinard. These garden themed funny tees feature Rinard's well known animals in various garden related themes with a sarcastic twist. These graphic t shirts for men and women are hilarious and witty, and will make a statement whenever they are worn. Show your inner humor and lighter side with a custom designed, cool t-shirt from The Garden Gates' exclusive line of garden t-shirts. 

Cool Tees, Funny Graphic Tees and Garden T-Shirts for Men and Women

Cool tees, funny graphic tees and garden t-shirts for men and women from The Garden Gates' exclusive line of graphic shirts were designed by the talented Matt Rinard, a local artist in New Orleans and long time friend of The Garden Gates. Rinard credits being dropped as a baby with his talents in life and adhering to the philosophy that is his parents like his work, no one will buy it. So far, this has served Rinard well, as he is an internationally recognized artist who is involved in everything from greeting cards to high end clothing. These witty garden tees take a hilarious take on garden activities and feature Rinard's famous animal figures. 

Garden T-Shirts, Graphic Tees and Shirts with Funny Sayings

The Garden Gates' garden t-shirts, graphic tees and shirts with funny sayings for gardeners and those who like to make a statement with what they wear. The "Legalize Pot Planting" graphic tee features a cat and dog planting a plant in a garden pot. The "Dandy Lion" funny shirt shows a lion who is quite dandy in his purple suit holding a martini. The Garden Gates' "Talk Dirty to Me" graphic tee has a cat on the phone while he is planting in the dirt. The "Weed Eater" cool t-shirt features a dog eating weeds from the garden. The Garden Gates' "I Dig Gardening" custom t-shirt has a dog who has dug a hole in the garden with flowers all around. And last but not least, the cute "Team Work" garden t-shirt shows a watering can and sun with a flowering growing next to it. 

Funny Tee Shirts, Custom Tees, T-shirts and Garden Tees

These funny tee shirts, custom tees, t-shirts and garden tees from The Garden Gates' exclusive line of custom shirts by artist Matt Rinard make great gifts for gardeners and witty folks alike. Give a funny shirt to any gardener with a sense of humor for something fun to wear whether they are in the garden or out and about. Graphic shirt designs from The Garden Gates and Matt Rinard's talented hand will make you think twice and appeal to a witty sense of humor

Cool T-Shirts, Funny Shirts, Shirts with Funny Sayings and Garden Shirts

Call The Garden Gates to get the best advice when selecting one of our exclusive and custom designed funny shirts from New Orleans' local artist Matt Rinard. From questions about sizing and colors to shipping information, The Garden Gates' friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you select the best graphic tee for your needs or help you get some funny shirts as gifts for friends and family. Shop The Garden Gates' collection of garden shirts today. 

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