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Satin Velvet Bedroom Bedding by Bella Notte

Bella Notte's collection of Satin Velvet bedding comes in a great variety for creating your own combination of Satin, Velvet and Satin Velvet or a complete Satin Velvet look. Choose from a duvet cover, coverlet, standard sham, king sham, euro sham, deluxe sham, boudoir throw pillow, square throw pillow, large throw blanket and yardage. Satin Velvet duvet covers reverse to Satin and have a button closure. Satin Velvet coverlets also reverse to Satin; however, these coverlets are quilted and edged in Satin for beautiful detail. All of the Satin Velvet shams have a 2.5" Satin ruffle and button closures. The boudoir throw pillow and square throw pillow in Satin Velvet also have button closures, but they have 2" Satin ruffles. The Satin Velvet throw blanket reverses to Velvet and has a 2.5" Satin ruffle. The entire Satin Velvet line is a great addition to any Satin or Velvet bedding set, and it adds a bit of interest as well as luxury. 


Bella Notte Linens Satin Velvet Luxury Linens

Bella Notte's Satin Velvet line of bedding comes in White, Champage, Silvermist, Petal, Ginger, Graphite, Fawn, Amethyst, Flax, Pebble, Seaglass, Sable, Sand, Rose Quartz and Pacific. Call to request samples of the Satin Velvet because the Velvet colors tend to be a tad darker because of the velvety texture. Get your samples today to start planning a Bella Notte bedroom. A beautiful combination of Satin Velvet colors is silvermist, ginger, petal and pacific. Satin Velvet makes a great monochromatic look in everything from an all champagne bed to a completely rose quartz bedroom. 


Satin Velvet Collection Bed Linens by Bella Notte Linens

Satin Velvet pieces from Bella Notte Linen's collection make excellent accent pieces and an attractive way to combine the Velvet and Satin collections. Try a Velvet duvet cover, Satin Velvet coverlet, Satin pillowcases, Bella sheets, Satin dust ruffle, Satin Quilted euro shams, and Velvet deluxe shams and Satin Velvet throw pillows. The combined look of Satin Velvet, Satin and Velvet is a timeless design to keep you warm during cooler months, but the look can stay on your bed throughout the year. Bella Notte's Satin Velvet look makes switching seasonal motifs as easy as adding new throw pillows and a throw blanket. 

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