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Rainwater Barrels and Parts

Collecting rainwater using rain barrels and rainwater harvesting systems is an eco-friendly practice and an economically savvy approach to recycling and reusing rainwater. Collected rainwater is a free way to water lawns, gardens and flower pots, and it does not make sense not to do so. The Garden Gates' nursery understands how important water is to the vitality and future of plants and nature, as we methodically water each outdoor plant everyday, unless Mother Nature helps us out. Rainwater collection systems have been used for centuries, but today's rain barrels are very easy to use and store collected rainwater. Each of The Garden Gates' rainwater harvesting barrels are made of safe materials so that you can use the rainwater for any purpose you choose. Different styles of rain barrels are designed to collect rain water in different ways - some collect rainwater runoff from the roof, and others simply collect rain as it falls. 


Rainwater Collection Systems and Rain Barrels

Plants prefer natural rainwater over tap water because of the deposits and chemicals found in hard water. Collect rainwater in one of our rainwater harvesting systems to create a reservoir or healthy rainwater for when droughts occur or long stretches without rain. Rainwater collection systems ease and the strain on municipal resources during times of little rain. The Garden Gates' rain barrels and rainwater catchment systems help the environment and provide a green solution to watering large gardens and lawns during long summers and dry months. Rain collection systems and water barrels also save money by cutting back on sprinkler systems and irrigation system use. 


Rain Collection and Rainwater Barrels

The Garden Gates' rainwater barrels come in pop up water barrels styles and large food-grade plastic styles. Rain collection systems and rainwater barrels make excellent alternatives to traditional irrigation systems and sprinklers. The Garden Gates' rain barrels will help fuel your garden and lawn, save money and do something good for the environment. The Garden Gates' nursery and outdoor center provides our customers with easy watering solutions that are also eco friendly. 


Rainwater Catchment and Water Barrels

Rainwater catchment systems and water barrels make for a safe and effective method of collecting and dispersing natural rainwater. Rainwater harvesting is a popular practice because of its ease of use, economic advantages and environmental benefits. The Garden Gates' rain barrels and rain water collection systems are easy to set up and simple to use in the rain collection process. Let The Garden Gates' knowledgeable staff help you choose the right water barrel and rainwater harvesting system for the size of you garden and lawn or your specific rainwater needs. Selecting the right rain barrel or rainwater harvesting system will make all the difference in collecting and dispersing your rain water for any intended use. 


Rainwater Harvesting System

The Garden Gates' rainwater harvesting systems and rain barrels are an eco-friendly way to recycle and reuse rain water. Rain collection is gaining popularity and used quite commonly because rainwater collecting is so convenient. Treat your outdoor garden, lawn and planter pots to rain water throughout the year with water barrels and rainwater catchment systems from The Garden Gates. The Garden Gates' team of experts are ready to assist you in selecting the best rain barrels and rainwater collection systems to make any outdoor space green and to create a lush, hydrated lawn and home garden. 

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