Propagation & Protection

Propagation & Protection


Outdoor Gardening Propagation

Plant protection and vegetative propagation is highly important to outdoor gardening, especially growing plant seeds and growing vegetables. Plant protection against frost, pests, and other threatening entities is crucial for the health and survival of garden plants. The Garden Gates offers a number of defenses for your plants, whether you want to be proactive or remedy and existing issue. The Garden Gates' outdoor gardening plant protection and propagation will help your outdoor garden grow to its potential, stay healthy and stay strong against the elements and pests. Take the right precautions to protect your plants, vegetables and fruit so that you can enjoy all of the hard work spent in the garden. The Garden Gates' understands this more than anyone because of the efforts we take to keep the plants at our nursery healthy and viable.



When growing strawberries, growing vegetables or establishing a full garden, plant protection and vegetative propagation is an important step to safeguard your garden and your investment from pests. The Garden Gates' brings to you a number of methods to protect seeds and garden plants to aid in the growth process. The Garden Gates does not just want your plants to grow; we want them to flourish. From  upside down tomato plants and grow bags to victorian bell jars and poly tunnels to make small greenhouse environments for your outdoor gardens. 


Small Greenhouses and Frost Protection

The Garden Gates' experts have found that for greenhouse and frost protection selection, poly tunnels and fleece tunnels make simple and effective small greenhouse environments for growing plants and growing vegetables. Choose from different sized poly tunnels and fleece tunnels as well as tunnel hoops to build your own or extend an existing plastic greenhouse. Small greenhouses will protect your vegetable garden from swarming pests as well as weather such as frost. Both the poly tunnels and fleece tunnels allow for proper ventilation and height for established garden plants. The Garden Gates' outdoor gardening plant protection and vegetative propagation will help you control pests, establish seeds and grow your beautiful garden to potential. 


Bell Jars and Pest Control

Victorian bell jars make excellent protection from frost, wind, slugs, birds and other pests. The Garden Gates' victorian bell jars are perfect for warming soil before sowing seeds and planting out. Bell jar plant protection methods encourage healthy and stable growth while capturing maximum sunshine, and they will act as a season extender for healthy plant propagation. Regardless of the pests and weather in your area, The Garden Gates' outdoor gardening plant protection and propagation solutions will help you grow a beautiful outdoor garden or vegetable garden to enjoy throughout the year. 


Growing Vegetables and Growing Strawberries

Growing vegetables and growing strawberries is simple with The Garden Gates' grow bags. Our planter bags are ideal for growing potatoes, strawberries, herbs, and leafy greens because of the support and protection that these planter bags provide. Plant protection and propagation with grow bags will help you produce delicious, home-grown fruits and vegetables to enjoy throughout the season or even the year. The Garden Gates' planter bags are great for small spaces, such as balconies and patios, if you do not have the space for a full vegetable garden. You can still grow your favorite plants and herbs in smaller areas thanks to The Garden Gates' outdoor gardening plant protection and propagation products. 

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