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Plant Supports

Flowers and vines can be top-heavy, and many plants needs support systems to grow and stand call. The Garden Gates understands the importance of plants growing not only healthy but also properly, and that is why we carry a full line of plant support systems from border supports, hoops, and grids with legs. Many flowering plants, such as amaryllis, and climbing vine plants, such as tomato, require a support to hold the heavy flower or provide a system of supports for climbing. The Garden Gates' fantastic range of plant support systems allows you to establish vegetable gardens, climbing vines with height, and large flowering plants to grow to their full potential and beauty. 


Wraparound Supports and Hoops

Wraparound supports and hoops act like a brace on plants and provide a sturdy base of support. Plant support hoops are made of a green plastic-coated steel and are perfect to hold heavy individual blooms such as delphiniums, gladiolas, lilies, carnations, and more. Wraparound plant supports are also made of the same green plastic-coated wire to support bushy and multi-stemmed plants or vines upright. Each wraparound plant support unhooks so that it can be easily and conveniently wrapper around any plant in need of support. The Garden Gates' plant support systems make outdoor gardening more enjoyable and plants more visible because they are upright. 


Border Supports and Grids with Legs

The Garden Gates' plant support systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit just about any plant in your yard or garden, and our border supports and grids with legs are great for keeping bushes and flowers in check and upright. The Garden Gates' grids with legs are made of a green plastic-coated wire support for low, bushy plants like daisy bushes. The Garden Gates' border plant supports come in a semi-circular shape to be used in the front of a flower bed to keep budding flowers from falling over. Semi-circular border supports are again made from green plastic-coated wire, and these plant supports can also be used to keep flowers and plants growing along a wall or fence. These border plant supports can be linked together or used alone for large or small spaces. 


Flower Circles

The Garden Gates' plant supports systems are great for garden plants, vegetable gardens, and climbing vines. Our plant supports also work well for bulbous plants and indoor planters. Amaryllis support is especially important during the amaryllis blooming season, and The Garden Gates' flower circle plant supports are the solution to amaryllis support issues. These flower circles can be used with a stake or bamboo cane for added plant support or alone if the plant does not require as much support. Plant your garden without worry about plant support because The Garden Gates has you covered. 


Support for Plants

Many climbing vine plants require additional support in order to get the vine to grow in specific directions, especially upward. The Garden Gates' spiral supports and teepee poles make excellent support systems when planting a traditional garden or vegetable garden and establishing beautiful climbing plants. Spiral plant supports in vegetable gardens support tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and other heavy bearing plants to grow healthy and tall, while keeping vegetables and fruits safe. The Garden Gates' plant support systems comes in many shapes and sizes to suit all of your garden plant and indoor plant needs. Shop our online selection of plant support systems today. 

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